Building Your Account

Futures, if you manage your risk properly, have a good trading plan & strategies, is really a wonderful place to make money. The market does not always move all the time, but if you figure out how much you need, you can determine how much time you need to spend trading.

Assuming there are 20 trading days/month and 12 months per year (4 wks vacation)

$100/day = $2K/month = $24K/yr (1 contract ES for 15-60 min.)
$200/day = $4K/month = $48K/yr (1 contract ES for 30-60 min.)
$300/day = $6K/month = $60K/yr (1 contract ES for 30-75 min.)
$400/day = $8K/month = $96K/yr (1 contract ES for 45-1.5 hrs)
$500/day = $10K/month = $120K/yr (2 contracts ES for 30-60 min.)
$600/day = $12K/month = $144K/yr (2 contracts ES for 30-75 min.)
$700/day = $14K/month = $168K/yr (2 contracts ES for 30-1.5 hrs)
$1000/day = $20K/month = $240K/yr (3 contracts ES for 30-1.5 hrs)

Most people are going to fall somewhere within one of these that they need to make.

Of course, as I write this, it sounds SOOOOo simple. In a sense, it IS simple. In a different sense, most of us have disbelief, self-doubt, lack of knowledge, lack of discipline, poor risk management, too much emotional baggage to do this.

However, if you work at each of those aspects and begin making right choices, it is highly possible to not sit at the computer all day and generate MORE money than you ever thought possible in a fairly short amount of time.

Start small, maybe even doing $50/day and do that consistently for a month, 2, 3 or whatever. That will give you possible an extra $2700 to trade with in 3 months after commissions. Your psyche will be able to handle you increasing it to $100/day. Do that for another month or 2, then go to $200/day, then $300.

Along the way, deal with your thoughts & emotions and anything that is revealed as you trade.

Imagine in a year or 2 that you're making nearly $700/hr and only trading for an hr or 2 a day. If you want to make more money, increase your contract size. You don't want to do this carelessly, though. Trading futures has greater risks than trading options or stocks.

Anyway, gotta go get one of my dogs and hit my kids' school.
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