Simplification, Organizing

I continue on organizing my finances, simplifying things. Hopefully very soon, in the next couple weeks I can make some huge strides here -- reduce the number of accounts I have overall, so there is less to keep track. Also minimizing expenses so I don't have as much "stuff" to keep track of. That will be good.

After going through so much paperwork, there is just too many things I've been involved in, as well as cleaning up the messes from my divorce. Fun stuff. Eventually as I hang in there, am diligent about continually organizing, attending to things that need me to take action, things will get better. I'll also have to include making tough decisions about things.

The goals I have may not be a great thing right now, but I'm also looking for relief right now so I can also reduce my stress, allowing me to trade better.

Organizing for success, tackling tough stuff, being truthful, especially to myself, and sucking it up to do what is necessary, and disciplined to follow through to completion. Until I make some great strides in my financial things, it's not wise for me to be trading, as the nature of the type of daytrading I do is fast, requires a sharp mind and focus.

All this financial clutter is causing undue stress, so gotta clear my plate. That's what I'm doing.

If you're not experiencing the trading success you want, you might look to see how orderly your financial situation is. Do you know exactly what is going on? Are you attending to the things you need to? Are you being totally truthful and responsible with everything? Ignoring things will not help.
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