Ready To Go Funded With New Simpler Strategies?

I was supposed to have funded traded today, but since I took Friday off and did nothing, as well as over the weekend, resting with my kids, doing regular chores, I really blew off backtesting streaming real time my simplified strategies. Yes, not very disciplined. Guess going to court against my former spouse took a lot more out of me than I thought.

My sleep has been off where some nights I've only gotten a couple hrs of sleep, rather than the 6-8 hrs I need to function well.

Anyway, excuses. Since I have not reasonably tested my strategies in a more real life setting, I'm not putting real money to it. I did attempt today to do my strategy real time, but 3 min. seemed so incredibly slow that it made me feel drowsy.

Another trader suggested I change to 250 tick chart. That was considerably faster as there could be many candles in one 1-minute chart. It was very interesting. A different trader suggested many months ago for me to go to a tick chart, but I was not ready for that then. Maybe I am now.

Tomorrow I have a couple hours to trade real time. Again, this will be unfunded until I have adequately traded this, which is basically about 1 week's worth of trades. I have zero days under my belt real time streaming or real time, so no can do yet.

It's important to have reasonably tested new strategies before using real funds, at least for me.

I'm feeling a little better after court, but there was no decision made by the judge. So, I am scheduled to go to court again against my spouse for our children. I could get really negative, but what's the point. He's not worth the energy. My trading, making good trades that lead to profits is more important and value added for my kids and I.

Will keep you apprised.

Happy trading.
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