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My trading has gotten better. I've really experienced some phenomenal results and will just have to leave it to my reader's imaginations as to what that means. I'm far more disciplined, rarely emotional, stick to my trading plan, stop trading when I need to, and the list goes on and on.

There are some days I'm really in the groove of things and others I am not, so I adjust my trading. A couple of the gurus of trading suggested to not trade unless you are well. The fact of the matter is that really is very unrealistic for me. As I'm working on focusing on the correct things, I had to find a way around this.

In November, I began trading every day no matter how I felt, what was going on, etc. It really has changed my profitability, confidence, skills, etc. When I was trading only when I felt well, it was maybe 1-2 times a month and that was not enough to develop my skills properly. Though I had good skills, it didn't allow me to refine them properly.

I've got to see a myriad of market behaviors in the past 5 months from slow to fast days; lots of news, no news, moderate news, elections, inauguration, holidays, companies going bankrupt, the world's economy, blah, blah, blah. It's been highly interesting, especially as a technical trader.

Another thing I'll admit is that I do not real a lot of news period - whether it be business, world, or local news. I've been working on decluttering my life, which includes the information that comes to me. What I've found is if you pay close attention to your technicals, it will already tell you what traders are about to do, or at least what they are thinking of.

What is your job, then? It's to just follow what the market is doing. If it goes up, you go up with it. If it goes down at 11 am EST, you go down with it. If it only wants to do this for 1/2 hr, then you do it for 1/2 hr.

What about the swing trader? You just use a different timeframe than I would, like the daily, weekly and monthly charts instead using the same technicals. It works. A chart is a chart is a chart. No difference.

My profitability is now often more in the 80-100% for the day. Granted, when I'm at the 100% for the day, I'm taking fewer than a dozen trades. If I'm in the 80% area, I'm closer to 12-30 trades. I do scalp on some days. Other days, I'm more trending. And still other days, I do a combination of scalp & trending.

Aside from trading every day, documenting, analyzing my trades, I'm doing a lot of work on the psychological aspects of my life - lots of personal stuff, trading, mindsets on money/abundance/prosperity. It's the combination of all these things, and the greatest thing, it's God working in my life and giving me favor in things.

God really gives me the eyes to trade, tackle the things in my life, getting rid of "baggage", and meet life with a positive, energetic enthusiasm. That's not to say that I do not have my down periods, because I do, but they are infrequent and do not last long. The cool thing about healing is I'm so much more aware these days and am empowered to do something about it.

If something isn't right in your life, or you have negative attitudes, explore the root of those things and begin addressing them. They are holding you back.
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