Letters on Money

If your trading is great, no issues, then this doesn't apply to you. However, if you find yourself stuck, not knowing why you can't get further on your trading, or you go so far to find yourself stepping back, I change you to do 2 things this week:

1. Write a letter to your money.

2. Have your money write a letter to you.

Yup, you read correctly. When you write to money, treat it like a person. What would your money say about you?

I found out when I did the first, that I sabotaged myself with money as my parents grew up in abject poverty. They became slaves to money, where money controlled them. They wanted to acquire more and more. They managed it well, spent time with it, cared for it. I wanted my parents' attention, especially my dad's, but he was too busy working, making money.

Secretly, I resented this. "Money" took my spot, got my father's love and devotion.

Can you see here how this COULD be a form of self-sabotage. I want to increase my accounts, acquire money, but, in my subconscious, I resent it from childhood?

When my money wrote a letter to me, it told me that I was not managing it well. Sure, I managed my trades, but I wasn't consistently attending to my checkbook in keeping it balanced. I made the excuse of saying I wasn't administrative, so that meant I didn't have to be as orderly with my files.

A part of taking care of money is to manage the systems it flows in and out of. That includes my filing cabinets, paying bills on time, not getting fees assessed to me, not ignoring things. Everything isn't automatic. Some things take for me to do manual intervention, to periodically assess where I was.

There was a time I did do all that, but when things got really complicated and my former spouse was managing a lot of things, I lost track. Getting back on track is a lot of effort, especially to figure out what he did, undo any negative things by taking responsibility for it all, and taking actions. Suck it up.

As you begin to address negative belief systems that have been programmed in you, your belief system will fight to keep those false belief systems in tact. Keep pressing on and don't give up. I'm not.

My goal is still to be a mega millionaire in the near short-term and I'd like to see each of you there, too.

People who are gracious, thankful, do good things with money, when you give them more, they will do even more good. I hope you're one of these people.

God bless you. Happy trading.
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