Lent Give Up

I would like to preface this with that I'm not Catholic, but my pastor grew up in a Catholic setting. He challenged our little church to give up something for lent. For the congregation, he challenged us to give up TV and the internet for 40 days - basically 40 days of fasting.

Obviously as a trader who works for herself, giving up the internet is a no go, however, what he was talking about was wasted time on the internet doing frivolous, non-value-added work. I don't care to watch TV and that was something I nixed off my list 3 yrs ago. Yes, I periodically do watch TV, but I would say our max hours for the month is 4 hrs, if even that.

Anyway, I had one thing God brought to mind that I needed to give up, at least for these 40 days. It was one of my closest friends, someone I have depended on for years, as our communications was quite close, and I have an incredible love for him. There are aspects of our relationship that were not pleasing to the Lord, and as God gently has been reminding me for months now, He (God) wanted my full devotion, not 99%, rather 100%.

God is a jealous God and He wants 100% of me.

If we were honest with ourselves, even as traders, do we give 100% in our trading, or do we make excuses for this or that?

Thursday was my first day fasting from my friend. I even said that at the end of this 40-day fast, which ends the day after Easter, be prepared that if God calls me to give up the friendship, that I needed to be obedient. That's a tall order, considering I love my friend so much. How do you give up one of your best friends? I really don't know, but I am very hard-pressed from every side to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

If the thing you value most is not worth dying for, then is it worth anything? God is #1 in my life, but is that just in words? Maybe in this interim, he will also get his life right with God, all aspects, not just the ones we want.

Now, this whole thing may seem extreme, but really, it isn't. If you're married, do you want just a part of your spouse's devotion or do you want all of it? My former spouse was not devoted to me, kept giving his devotion to other women and things. It greatly hurt me, and in the end, destroyed our marriage and family, for those things I'm now reaping and so challenged with.

What about your children? Do you want them to just partially obey you, choosing only the things they want to obey in, or do you want them out of love to willingly obey you? See the heart attitude in these relationships? It's a relationship with God.

I did not trade with real money on Friday, but it was something I needed to. I did something very different in my practice trading. I increased my risk in my trades to that which I was doing at the beginning when each of those accounts were very small. All my accounts I start with $1K-$3K. Even if I did 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/5th of the account size, as my account size grew, I was not consistently doing that. Even as those accounts grew to $20K, I was still using 1-5 contract sizes, for the most part. Sometimes I would use more, but usually not.

God impressed upon me that was not good use of risk. So, a couple weeks ago, I began increasing my contract size when I would enter trades. Instead of legging in with 1 contract at a time, I would leg in with 2 at a time, then 3, and now I am up to 20 contracts for 1 position. This keeps me constantly managing my risk better, making sure I set appropriate stops.

Each of the accounts I have, funded and non-funded, all are different sizes, so I'm constantly changing what this is.

The bottom line for Friday's trading alone in real-time practice (the only difference between funded and non-funded is the account chosen; all movements are exactly the same) was in about 2.5 hrs of trading in 2 different practice accounts, I made over $250K net (after all costing trades & commissions). I made a few really big mistakes that hurt pretty deep, but were recoverable.

I made about the same amount in costing trades, so if we took those trade, in order for me to make that net, I really had to have made over $750K in that 2.5 hr period. Pretty incredulous, isn't it?

One of the goals I have is to make over $100K in one day with a small amount of money (under $10K). Can it be done? I think so, but one has to be sharp, focused, execute flawlessly (take profits & keep costs down) one's trading strategy.

So, why would I bring up my lent give up? In practice, I've never made that amount of money in THAT SHORT of an amount of time. Actually, I don't think I've done that in a super long time.

To be able to do this with a smaller account, one needs to have a strategy that gives them many signals to take entries & exits quickly on a faster timeframed chart. My strategy works on very short to very long timeframes, so I just have to select the timeframes. Basically it would mean somewhat scalping, as I do not always know whether it will make the whole run or not. It does not require me to be perfect, meaning all my trades are profitable, but I do need to have in the 80+% profitable and keep my costing trades small, relatively.

This would all be done on the ES taking anywhere from 1-4 pts, but mainly in the 1-2.75 pts range typically. However, I would be taking 1/2 of my account size and putting that at risk to generate profits.

Anyway, I will write more about this when I feel inclined. This would basically require, most likely several hrs of trading, not just 1-2, maybe in the 4-6 hr range. I need to backtest to see if I can do this on any of the days like last week.

The more volatile the day, the better, as that's faster money, if you can take profits quicker and follow the trading strategy well.

It would certainly be an interesting experiment.
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