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I know my readers are probably wondering what's been happening to me. Yes, I've been intermittently trading daily, but really doing a lot of life stuff.

In the middle of all my tax stuff, though, I've handed my stuff over to the CPA to address, especially the stuff that I've been behind on, finally. Hopefully he'll be done this week, or at most, next week, then get onto business there.

I've also been doing a lot of financial organization, and still have areas to organize of my business & personal stuff that is paperwork. The inclination is to complain, whine here, but I really don't want to give that area of my life energy to get bigger, rather I want to focus my energies on what I want to happen.

There is really a lot for me to write about, but I didn't sleep much last night, so I'm going back to bed for 3 hrs, then wake up to trade. My priority right now is not my blog, but to have better organization in my finances, paperwork, so this will allow me greater success overall in my trading.

God cannot entrust to me more money if I cannot properly manage what He's given me, and that includes paperwork. It's irrelevent whether I enjoy doing this or not, rather it is a part of where I want to go, so these things must be done. Until it's in my budget to hire a bookkeeper to do all this, it's up to me to address.

I am working with a wealth building coach who is challenging me to step out of my comfort zone daily in things that would make me feel good and emotionally support me. Living in chaos is not support of me emotionally and really is quite crippling.

As I tackled some major things over the weekend, it's helped me greatly to feel better. Today, I will do more paperwork organization. My home still seems too cluttered, and I may decide to put some of my books for sale up on half.com. Not sure, as this takes time that I do not have.

Anyway, I've been living life, getting things done, addressing things God is bringing up to me to address, destroying false beliefs and replacing with God's Truth. I'm making huge strides the past 2 weeks. Ironically, I haven't been blogging too much in any of my blogs.

When will I begin posting my results again? I have no set date, now, but hopefully soon. I'm still making good progress, but I really want my trading to take off exponentially to the profitable side. It seems I've been hanging here where it's been moderately comfortable for quite some time, and I really want to take off, reach millionaire status. I'm still pretty far off from this.

My wealth coach is helping me to break through this resistance, so I've got to be very persistent. It means actually pushing past what's comfortable, getting used to embracing the pain, and really going for it. It leaves less time for blogging.

If I was getting paid to blog, perhaps I would be doing it more, but right now, this is more a luxury and I have to focus on the things that are going to get me tangible results. When time permits, I'll share more of this journey, but there has been so much.

I would challenge my readers, though, to really dissect your beliefs. Are your beliefs congruent with your thoughts. If you say you want financial prosperity & to be a millionaire, are you actively taking positive steps towards this? If not, then re-evaluate your beliefs, because there are probably some things you're believing that are false, because you always have tangible results from your beliefs.

We operate from our subconscious, which are those habitual things. Change your subconscious and that will change your beliefs. That's why I do not really want to focus on the negative things as that does not add, rather takes away from my life. My goal is not to do "venting", rather "redirecting". It's not to ignore the negative emotions, rather to acknowledge they exist, but to give them no power, no fuel.

Until the next time.
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