Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

For many people, stepping out of your comfort zone is very uncomfortable. Of course that is the case. That's why they call it out of your comfort zone. Duh. Sorry for the sarcasm. I honestly am not a sarcastic person these days, as there is some level of contempt and pride in sarcasm, and that's not what God desires of me.

If I've written this before, please forgive me as I don't really remember what I wrote in this blog or somewhere else at times. But, if I do repeat myself, it's because I'm a mommy and that it bears repeating, at least as a reminder to me with the things I'm dealing in my own.

Many of us want to be comfortable. But, frankly, that's a miserable existence to just be, without purpose, without drive, without that thing that makes you really want to live. Purpose and destiny are a great thing. They help propel you, give you meaning in your life.

Even if you have everything in your life materially that you could want, humans are made to fulfill a purpose, a higher calling, to continually grow. When our vision for life stops, I believe that's when we die.

Dreams, what are your dreams?

A lot of people of all walks of life seem when they meet me, drawn to me, especially once they get to know me, and over a lifetime. Why is that? Other people, they truly avoid me at all costs, because I remind them of what they wished they had or could be, but do not have the courage of their convictions to face their own demons.

So, if you're really reading my blog and find value from it, bless you. Hopefully something I write or do will stir something up in you to search for your own purpose, to get up and say there is more to life than just existing.

I've lived my whole life with purpose, with gusto. Albeit sometimes, very misdirected with lots of mistakes, heartache, pain. Now, as I seek guidance from those who've made it before me, I'm learning that I do not have to experience every mistake, rather I am now becoming smarter to learn from others. But, it does not preclude me from experiencing pain in my own life, that turmoil that says to quit, that it's too hard, that no one else has done it, so why should I?

If there are any 2 characteristics of my life that define me, they are purpose and indomitibility. I say that with great humility and meekness. My hope in Jesus Christ to be my strength has carried me through some pretty challenging times, including right now. You may not have a faith in Jesus, and with that I cannot speak, as I've had this faith since I was 7 yrs old, and it's only grown stronger and deeper as my life has progressed.

On Feb. 6th, my wealth building coach challenged me to do 3 things out of my comfort zone that emotionally supported me that was not related to trading. Most days I find more than 3 things to do, and I can tell you, it's changing me. It's changing my trading. I'm able to risk differently, see things differently, feel differently. How many times can you use the word "differently" in one sentence? LOL.

What are some things I've done? Most are fairly private, but I'll share a few:

1. I told a friend of mine that I loved him -- looked him right in the eyes and said it. Now, I tell quite a few people that I love them, but with him, we have a chasm between us that it was me crossing that chasm in a loving way to express love to a friend. Did this a few weeks ago and I still feel a bit awkward about it.

2. Laid on the floor face down in public for maybe 5-10 minutes crying, praying, singing. Pretty weird.

3. Slept on the opposite side of the bed.

4. Played the piano for the same friend I told that I loved.

5. Placed strict boundaries with my former spouse.

6. Left a couple voicemails of me playing the piano to a couple friends.

7. Danced crazy with a bunch of kids at my kids' school.

8. Shared about my financial situation with a few close people.

9. Allowed myself to cut loose during worship.

10. Raced my 5-yr old son at school (running). He beat me!! Eeek!!! My legs are way longer.

11. Kissed a friend (on the cheek) -- a different friend from #1.

12. Set better boundaries with certain people, to make sure there are no misunderstandings of where I stand on things, no matter how pushy they get.

Get used to being uncomfortabe, because what makes you uncomfortable now that you are able to push past, you are progressing, maturing. There will be new things that make you feel uncomfortable, and so you keep moving forward, constantly changing, growing. It will open the doors for you to see things differently, more creatively, with newer energy. It will unlock doors that you never knew existed, allowing you to see the world differently, with greater opportunities.

You can do this aggressively as you want, or take your sweet time, or do nothing at all. However, to live years without purpose or vision, it's quite sad. Maybe for some, it's too much work to live with purpose or vision. Well, hell yeah! It is work. You have to get out of your fricken comfort zone.

I can taste what I want. I've sacrificed and put everything on the line to live this life. There is no plan B. Yes, I am Chinese and come from a traditional Chinese background. There is no Plan B, except to truly step out in faith in what God has called me to do and do it. Right now I'm gritting my teeth and hanging on for dear life. The ride is pretty intense, but it's also exciting because I get to see God at work.

Man, God is so at work in my life. And, HE works inspite of my screwups. There are many. But, I get to see God's grace at work big time. As He imparts grace to me, it gently reminds me to have grace for others, especially when they hurt me deeply. Grace is undeserved favor. This is not to be mistaken for setting appropriate healthy boundaries with people.

Anyway, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Your trading will change. The very nature of trading, especially daytrading, is doing things out of your comfort zone.
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