Practical, Tangible Things I Do Daily

I am taking this from an email response I gave someone today:

I would strongly encourage you to change some of the words you use: stink, stressors, needy, weigh on, compounded etc. Perhaps say, my attitude & outlook are areas God can use to grow me. Thank you God for entrusting to me so much to allow me to be in situations to challenge & grow my faith, and thank you that I can depend on you.

What I do is I am careful about the words I speak and say to myself. Rarely do I use the words: tough, difficult, hard, impossible, try, dismal, can't, etc. Those all are disempowering words, words of defeat. Rather, choose words like: opportunity, challenge, adventure, victorious, overcomer, events, etc. If you read my gratitudes, you'll notice the words I choose usually are words of victory. I do probably slip up at times, but I've been way more aware the past few years about the words I use.

"Pressures" or "events" are actually neutral. It is us that gives meaning to them that call them good or bad. What if you chose to let them remain neutral? For example, got an extra bill from the IRS that says you owe more money. We would deem that is "bad". However, is there something we can learn from that? Pay more taxes the next time? Do your taxes correctly? What caused the need to have to pay more? Does it necessarily mean you have to next time pay more in taxes, or be better informed as to how to make your money work better for you? This is uncomfortable to have this mode of thinking, but get excited for what you are learning from the "event" at what God is teaching you.

Keep events that can be deemed as "bad" as neutral in terms of feelings & emotions as possible. Dominant energy wins. So, if you focal energies are towards negativity, this will dominate. However, if you begin to focus more on positive things, things of the supernatural, getting exciting about things God is doing, then you will begin attracting more of this in your life.

1% of what we see is in the natural (this world we live in)
99% of what we do not see is in the supernatural (God's realm)

I learned that at a Bible-based wealth building seminar I attended the end of January. Imagine that. 1% is this world, the natural. Hebrews it talks about Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. What that means is that faith requires action and you are to step out in faith as if you already have what it is you are hoping for. Of course, we need to know what God's desire is for our lives. When our desires are in line with God's desires, then He is willing to give us our heart's desires. James talks about we don't have because we don't ask, and when we ask, we ask for things that God does not desire for our lives, wrong motives, etc.

I'm not making tons of money in the market right now as I had envisioned, but I am making money. The stock market/trading has caused me to really seek God because any emotions/thoughts that throw my focus will and has impacted my trading. I'll trade, do okay, and then get hit with something and be blown away. Then, I have to analyze what happened. It's 100% of the time been psychological, at least the root cause.

Right now I do not have a lot of money to trade with. I've used the majority of my money to get well emotionally/psychologically and to live, being wise with my money. It's caused me to address my relationship with money, fears I have, habits that are self-sabotaging, ungodly characteristics in me. However, I know God can take the small amounts I have an turn them into lots of money. The Bible talks about all sorts of people whom it was only because of Him that they were successful. When I reach that in my trading, it is because of God and His grace, His love & blessing. Just because I don't have right now does not mean I don't have His favor or blessing. On the contrary. I believe I am totally blessed & favored by God. However, there have been pride issues, fear, and a host of other ungodly things.

God wants my whole heart, soul, mind and strength. He wants to be #1. If we look at our lives honestly, can we say He is #1? Most of us cannot say that, and there are days, God is fairly far from my mind, even though I do have a close walk with the Lord.

What do I do to have the attitude of grace, joy and peace in my life?

The mind is a battlefield. Take control of your thoughts.

1. Spend time daily in prayer, throughout the day. I talk to God throughout the day, in my head usually. I begin my days in prayer & song to the Lord while I'm lying there in bed, instead of doing my normal jump out of bed quickly.

2. Before I do any other things, I kneel beside my bed and open my Bible. Prior in prayer, I ask God to direct me to where I should go in the Bible and 100% of the time since Aug'08, right where I open the Bible and where my eyes fall, is where God wants me to be in His Word. Amazing. He speaks so intimately. I look forward to this time with Him.

3. I keep a journal in my Bible pack that keeps my Bible, pens, highlighter, notecards, and the journal. I journal succinctly (usually in point form) what God is speaking to me about, the things that really jump out at me. It's almost like another continuation of conversing with God, but this time He is speaking to me through the Bible.

4. Going through a 90-Day Proverbs 31 thing by Donna Partow. I spend time memorizing Proverbs 31:10-31, reading what she has for us to do.

5. #1-4 usually takes about an hour, maybe a little longer.

6. Subscribe to Joel O'Steens daily words of encouragement. I read these every morning and say the short prayer he has outloud. Sometimes I'll share this with the kids.

7. I'll begin writing out my gratitudes (that's why my lists are sometimes so long) in FB, save as draft until I'm ready to publish.

8. The past 3 school days, the kids and I have extra time so we begin reading. I'm starting today to read a children's Bible to my kids for 5-10 min. before school.

9. As we drive to school, we each do things we are thankful for. This morning it was 5 things, sometimes it's 10, other times 3, other times 20. It just depends. We say these things in excited voices. Afterwards, I will usually pray, but sometimes I have my kids pray, too.

10. When we get to school, and we're out of the car, I lay hands on my kids and declare God's favor & blessing upon each of my kids by name. I find this very important.

11. When I find myself irritated with some parent for some parking or driving thing at school, I can usually stop myself before I get into a complaining spirit and bless them instead, praying for them.

12. When I begin trading, I make sure I sit properly, drink water, have had a good breakfast, pray some more, turn on some classical music, and begin looking at my charts to see what they are saying. I only trade one thing, which is the ES (futures - S&P emini's). During trading, I often will spend time in the Bible & in prayer, also in worship.

13. When I pick my kids up, we also do more gratitudes. When I greet my kids, I am always excited to see them, give them hugs, kisses, encouragement. Well, more Sean than Hannalee because she doesn't want me to embarrass her among her classmates. I volunteer at their school 4 days a week after trading.

14. In the afternoons or evenings, I began playing the piano again, mainly worship music (Maranathal type) that sounds so beautiful. It really enriches my time with the Lord. Sometimes I will play in between trading. This helps me better develop the right side of my brain (the creative side). My left side (analytical) is highly developed. There needs to be better balance.

15. I will also play with my kids & their friends, read with my children, spend time with them. That nourishes my soul greatly, as well as my heart. We do not watch TV. Kids are encouraged to play outdoors, do creative things, read, study, play with their friends, etc. I am not big on having my kids sit in front of the computer or play video games either.

16. In the evenings, we read, pray, and do our gratitudes again. We basically as a family do gratitudes morning, afternoon, and evening. Sort of like Daniel praying, but with gratitudes. We also pray, too. And, I pray for all sorts of things whenever. My kids come to me often to pray for them, laying hands on all their booboos or their feelings, etc.

17. Usually by 9:30 pm, it's my goal to spend time with the Lord, sort of like I did in the morning, but more reflection of what's occurred during the day. Prayer time will be spent on my knees usually, kneeling before my bed. I'll also spend time in God's Word, and journal succinctly, review. Pray. This is about another hour.

18. My goal is to be in bed by 11 pm, to sleep from 11 pm to 5:30 am. That gives me 6.5 hrs. I do attempt to get to bed earlier, which often, I do. It's better for me to get 7+ hrs/day.

19. I make sure to eat nutritiously and healthy, organic, if possible. I do not eat much dairy or grains. Most of my diet consists of fibrous veggies, lean meats/poultry/wild fish, and Isagenix products. I do not drink caffeine and most days (like 99% of my days) I drink only water (other than my Isagenix shakes). I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs.

20. I do yoga 2-3 times a week, and I walk a few times a week. Right now, I have not been consistent with weightlifting. My exercise is moderate and doable for most people. Maintaining weight & bodyfat right now.

By the time I'm done with the day, my personal time with God is usually more than 2.5 hrs a day. My goal was to tithe the gross hours God gives me. I used to only spend 5-10 min./day, but as I increased my giving time to God, that's what you're seeing the result of. My whole day is consumed with the presence and power of God, even amidst tears of pain, change, challenges.

There may be sorrow in the evening, but joy comes in the morning. God is so very good, all the time. That is what most of my days are like. Weekends are similar, but there is more family time.

I also attend a life group (small group at my church) once a week. Last Fall, I was in 2 life groups, but that's not something I can do this Spring. More of my time is spent at home with my kids. I go to church regularly, stay connected with people in my church and others, so as I'm not a lone wolf.

There are a myriad of people I can lean on for support & encouragement in all areas of my life from children, to trading, to exercise, to eating, to relationships, to business, to organization, etc. It's important to have a bunch of different people to glean from. You each bring different value to the table.

However, when I was not as well emotionally, I leaned on people A LOT, and now that I'm better, I just go to the Bible. It's alright. We each have different phases in our life. I used to write a lot more than I do now, but it's this season of action God wants from me right now, rather than just writing about it.

It does no good to compare yourself to anyone else, including me. To get to where I am, it was baby steps and took so much time. I had lots of people holding my hands, and God carried me through most of it. The rest I limped along, sometimes fighting, screaming, kicking. But, now there is a surrendered heart, one that is willing to accept God's correction, discipline, and if it's neither of those, then to allow God to use me however He so deems.

It's a process, a journey. Each of us have our unique journeys and cherish that. You are so loved by God. He has designed you perfectly and wonderfully. As I began to understand my Kingdom purpose, it makes it easier to trust God, even if the natural stuff happening says I cannot.

About 3 weeks ago, I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone. Find 3 things not associated with trading that emotionally support me that gets me out of my comfort zone each day. I'm finding my trading is calmer overall, but it's also dredged up some nasty stuff that's been in my subconscious that is fighting to protect false beliefs/habits/mindsets.

As you begin to address those things that are contrary to your success and the Word of God, the enemy and your subconscious programming will fight to keep those false beliefs & self-sabotaging habits in place. It won't be eliminated without a fight, so be aware. It may seem to get worse before better. But, keep persevering. Keep focused on Christ. Cling to His Word.
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