Something that I am really learning right now is that something only has power if you give it power. Personally, I rarely watch TV. In our household, we watch about 4 hrs max TV a month. Yes, you read that right. That is A MONTH, not in a day.

I believe there are many things people can do that can entertain or stimulate their lives without the influence of TV. TV in it of itself is not evil. It's just this box in my living room. But, with the rise in obesity in children and just a bunch of fat, overweight adults in America, do we really need more sitting in front of the TV? I think not.

As we turn on the TV, read the paper/internet, turn on the radio, it's all this doom and gloom about the economy. Do you want to turn your destiny over to the government to dictate whether you're going to be happy or not? If so, that's quite sad.

We all have more power than we believe. I'm pretty sure of that because most of us have really distorted, faulty belief systems. I'm working to change my belief system and really step into the supernatural. This is not a spectator sport, but you actually have to take action, push past your fears or that sick to the stomach feeling that says you cannot go any further.

This morning, I was super upset at my children, mainly my 5 yr old son for not helping me have this calm, creative, nice morning. Yesterday I wasn't trading, and he was perfect. Same with Sunday. However, just as I get ready to trade, he acts like some possessed person. That's just a fact of life. I allowed my little 5-yr old to have power, as I lost my temper.

My anger was great on the drive to school, but I was able to ask myself, "Do I want to remain in this fury?" The answer was no. I began praying, asking God for forgiveness in my anger because I chose to let it get out of control and use some words that were not the best. Then, I asked my children for forgiveness, acknowledging mommy overreacted.

By the time I got home, I was calm again. But, I figure what I needed to do was reset my mind on godly things, such as a godly attitude. Anger out of control is not good and is damaging. It invites things into one's life that are not good. I wanted to be sure to nip that in the bud very quickly, repent, rebuking any spirits that might be fed on that and asking for God's peace, favor to come in and reign.

In the past, it would take me literally hours or days to get over things. Granted, my anger, compared to many people, is nothing, but as I grow closer in my walk with God, He prompts me fairly quickly if I get off the path I am to be on that I am in err and to get back on through acknowledgment, repentence and forgiveness.

As some who have been following me for awhile, my separation & divorce was not pleasant and I continually will be dealing with my former spouse. That is also not a fun experience, but once again, a fact of MY life that I must contend with. So, I'm learning (and am given many opportunities weekly) to just laugh at my former spouses actions, words so that I do not give him anymore power than I have over all the years I did give him.

It's actually lightened my load, spirit, and allowing me to think more clearly, enjoy life more.

Take back your power.

Don't give power to negative people or negative circumstances. Laugh at those things. Take actions to empower yourself, Stay away or minimize exposure to negative people, places, events, topics, media, music, etc.

It isn't enough to just say positive things, but you must take actions, bring your emotions in line with your positive thoughts and TAKE ACTION. When you feel that fear or whatever rise up, keep pressing forward, because that begins to dissipate the fear.

Believe me, I'm living it and I know. One day soon, I'll be able to write that I am a millionaire. Then a mega millionaire and that I've had a million dollar profitable day in the market, in fact, many million dollar days.

This is just all a part of the journey. An old Chinese Proverb states, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." You have to keep taking those steps. You must act. No sitting on the sidelines.
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