Personal Setup To Trade Well

I don't really hear about people talking about this in trading, but I'll share what are things I do to help me get into the zone of trading well:

1. Get enough sleep -- usually 7-8 hrs of good sleep.
2. Get the kids to sleep early so they get enough sleep. Have their school stuff packed, by the door, clothes out.
3. Wake up early (this requires going to bed early) around 5:30 am or so.
4. Spend time with God in prayer, reading/studying the Bible, listening to what He is saying to me.
5. Shower & dress. No staying in jammies.
6. Pack the kids' lunches before they get up.
7. Read some Joel O'Steen or something short that is positive, encouraging.
8. Get the kids up with a cheerful greeting, get their breakfast order.
9. Check the foreign markets & pre-market activity.
10. Make the kids' breakfast. Make my Isagenix shake.
11. Put on some positive praise/worship music or classical music. Nothing super rocky or upbeat, though.
12. Let the kids do their stuff, but keep track of time and maybe put on a trade, using trailing stops, in case I cannot be at my desk to manage things.
13. Take kids to school. Cleanup any dishes in the sink. Straighten/remove any clutter within eyesight of my desk.
14. Center myself, switch to only classical music in the background. Spend a few moments in the Bible, asking God to help me as I trade, for it is He that empowers me to create wealth. I may also spend some time (5-10 min.) playing the piano, to help me get some creative juices flowing.
15. Make sure I'm sitting correctly in my chair to get good flow and energy through my body.
16. Turn cell to silent. Turn my calendar on online, but to silent. Check my calendar to see what I have going on.
17. Clear my mind from distractions and begin looking at my charts, verbalizing what I see.
18. Drink a couple glasses of water and refill my glass with water.

Those are the things I do typically before I get started trading that give me the best success.
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