Another apology. I thought I would be able to hit the ground running Monday morning trading, as I got back from a very intense, but amazing conference from Friday-Sunday. However, just as I was getting ready to trade, something major happened that was not a pleasant experience that caused me to put trading on hold for Monday and Tuesday so I can attend to personal things.

Not that those things are taken care of, but right now, it is in the hands of another, and I am waiting for that person to respond back to me. Hopefully it will be sometime next week, which will give me time to get back into trading.

I met some incredible people at the conference, and though they are not traders, they are Christians who are strong in their faith, as well as have big dreams, goals in terms of financial prosperity-wealth. They will be a part of my mastermind team so that we can build a network of likemindedness in reaching our goals.

Going to bed shortly so I can get enough rest to trade tomorrow. I will not be going back to last week's stuff as that's just too much catching up for me. By the end of the week, I ended positive in all my accounts, but it was an erratic week of trading for me as I had too much on my plate of stuff going on.

This week, I'll start from from Wednesday forward.
2 Responses
  1. muckdog Says:

    How many blogs do you have?

  2. Doris Says:

    I have 3 blogs I actively keep up, sort of. However, this is the only public blog I have. The other blogs are more personal and private or by invitation only. :)

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