There is this art of trading, as I know some people will ask me, "How do you know which thing to use and when?" Honestly, I really don't know. When I'm really trading intuitively and doing it well, I'm able to see all these things on my chart and really just move to the rhythm and flow of what is happening. When I actually begin thinking too much, that's where I tend to have bigger costs or totally miss things.

That would also go if I'm distracted.

There are times I play connect the dots with my Swing Points (the highs/lows). Other times I'm using moving averages or fibonacci's. Most all the time I'm using RSI, and usually use volume. Sometimes I'll totally forget to consciously think about MACD, but I can see a pattern quickly (at a glance) that things are either weakening or strengthening.

Intuitiveness is not "feelings" rather it's the mind's/subconscious' ability to process data and provide your body with feedback. I call this that gut reaction.

Sometimes I am really in the flow of things, really seeing things in the market in a very uncanny way. Other times, I wonder if I should ever trade again. The latter is usually based upon distractions, negative thoughts, and just winging it.
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