Trades on ES for Thurs,8-Jan-2009

My goal is $300 for the day. Today I grossed $312.50.

Total Trades = 3 (intermittent times from 6 pm to 12:47 am on 1/7/08 and 12:57 pm to 1:13 pm EST)
Max Contracts Used at 1 Time = 1 ($500 margin/contract)
# Profitable Trades = 3 (100%)
# Costing Trades = 0 (0%)
Range of Profitable Trades = $75 to 125 (was trading in 1 contract positions)
Range of Costing Trades = 0

Total Profits = $312.50
Total Costs = $0
Commissions = $11.97
Net = $300.53 (60.1% ROI of capital used)

Things I Did Correctly:
1. Verbalized trades

2. Patient. Did not panic.

3. Knew where I was, location.

4. Realized it was a rough night sleeping, so made a small goal to keep in a successful realm.

5. Did not trade until I was feeling mentally better.

6. Set appropriate stops (stops & costs).

7. Stopped trading when goal reached, though, I felt compelled to trade longer.

8. Focused, was undistracted.

Areas to Improve:

1. Figure out how to set a trailing stop from trading from my chart. I could be taking so much more profits per trade by knowing how to do this properly. I've asked Genesis, but I still don't get it.

Notes: I had a very rough sleep night filled with nightmares that was really impacting my morning. It took a few hours from when I awoke to be okay to trade. I did a lot of time with God and filling my mind with good stuff to take away the images from the nightmare.
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