Trades on ES for Fri, 9-Jan-2009

My goal is $300 for the day. Today I grossed $425.

Total Trades = 11 (on & off 9:35 am to 1:55 pm EST)
Max Contracts Used at 1 Time = 2 ($500 margin/contract)
# Profitable Trades = 3 (100%)
# Costing Trades = 0 (0%)
Range of Profitable Trades = $50 to $137.50 (was trading in 1 contract positions)
Range of Costing Trades = $50 to $137.50

Total Profits = $737.50
Total Costs = $312.50
Commissions = $43.89
Net = $381.11 (38.1% ROI of capital used)

Things I Did Correctly:
1. Verbalized some trades (softly, though)

2. Knew where I was. Location. Saw the big and smaller time framed pictures.

3. Waited.

4. Seized the moment.

5. Had profit & cost stops in place.

6. Legged in at retracements.

Areas of Improvement:

1. Distracted with tech support for Genesis regarding how to do several things on my charting and still traded.

2. The costing trades were due to testing out some things on my charting program, otherwise, I would've had all profitable trades. This was the comment I made the other day I had to really figure out how to use trailing stops.

3. Did not verbalize all my trades.

4. Was not at my computer when all my trades executed/

5. Still figuring out what is an appropriate trailing stop. More profits would've been taken, but wasn't getting the trailing stop stuff correct.

6. Wasn't paying attention to economic indicators otherwise I would've been prepared either way. Wasn't exactly and though I got part of the move down in the first 1/2 hr, not anywhere as much as was avaible because I was screwing around with my computer at an important time with tech support.
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