This evening my kids and I played Monopoly for several hours instead of going to a school dance because I wanted it quiet and not overwhelming. I learned a tremendous amount of stuff during our play. My son, Sean, is 5 yrs old. My daughter, Hans, is 8 yrs old. Both are my world, but have different, but complimentary personalities (how many times can you use "but" in a sentence?).

Everyone starts on level ground, hopeful to win.

Monopoly just isn't one of those games you play for an hour or so. I made a beef, veggie, and black bean punjab and semi-healthy brownies for dessert. So we began play on the floor of our living room for 4.5 hrs.

Guess who won? My 5 yr old son!!!

Without going into lengthy details, each of us displayed our personalities in the game:

- Sweet, caring, thinking about other people (wanted to give Sean & I money when we didn't have much)
- Over analyzing
- Did not want to risk
- Did not want to spend her money buying up properties, but reluctantly succumbed
- Did not want to buy houses, as it cost money and did not see that she would quickly get a return, but eventually did it not really understanding why
- Just wanted to play the game, but not with heart
- Not committed to the game
- Went bankrupt, gave up
- Did not get upset, but was sad she got knocked out of the game

- kept buying properties at every opportunity until money ran out
- celebrated every time money came to her
- negotiated
- risked it all
- had to mortgage properties to pay fees
- only had a few bucks, but kept the properties with houses to make back her money
- patient
- strategized to win
- got houses & hotels
- was not as committed as Sean to winning the game

- saw his goal at the start of the game and went for it
- got a few choice properties
- observed what I was doing and learned
- celebrated with others in their successes as well as his
- committed to the game
- just went for it
- had to mortgage some properties but kept the most important
- kept thinking he was going to get the "pot of money" and he did multiple times
- kept thinking others would land on his properties with his hotels
- negotiated
- risked it all, just really went for it
- no fear
- was upset that he wasn't winning and was even more determined to win
- sucked up his emotions and set his sights to win and began celebrating a lot, recovered quick
- didn't dwell on the past, but focused on the present and what he wanted to do

I hope these 3 different personalities in playing resonate with you in your trading because I've been all 3 people in the course of the past last 49 days of trading. When I traded like Sean played tonight, I did well and was able to accomplish some great things in trading. Usually I'm like Doris, and yes, I get good results, but Sean's way grows an account much quicker.

I've been Hans at times, and those times cause me to either have costing days or give back a good portion of my profits. The choice is ours as traders. Who do we want to be? Typically Doris or Sean, but not Hans.

My daughter is such a sweet girl, but in daytrading, it takes a certain personality to do this and do it well, to not only survive, but to thrive. I'm really glad we stayed home to play.

There was a point in the game I had maybe $6, 1/2 my properties mortgaged and it looked like I was going to be knocked out of the game. But, I had 1 set of properties that had hotels on them and that allowed me to get back into the game with a fiery. My hope is that both Hans & Sean would land on my properties, and they did. The pot was quite large, too.

As I focused on winning and getting my properties back, and rebuilding my account, it began happening. Every time I got money, whether it was $4 or $950, I celebrated each dollar. My son said I was too loud and I was hurting his ears. But, I made a huge comeback from having just 1 set of properties with hotels and $4 to nearly $5K at the end. Sean ended up at $7.5K from mortgaging all but 1 set of property, which was Boardwalk and Park Place with hotels and maybe $50 in cash.

Even when he mortgaged his stuff, he said that he was going to put houses and hotels on his other properties and win the game. He did what he said he was and remained true to it, excited, keeping focused.

Both my children serve a great purpose for me. Outside of trading, I want to have the compassion Hannalee has, but in daytrading, I really want to be focused, excited, set to win, be profitable. It's not my concern whether other people make money or not, or whether what other people's 401K or retirement accounts are, rather that I am focused to make money and lots of it, while keeping it, not giving back to the market.

Yes, I do know I will be giving some back to the market, but it's to keep focused so that I give very little back to the market.
3 Responses
  1. Alpha Lobo Says:

    This is a great experiment. I will try this to see wht my kids are like..thx for sharing.

  2. muckdog Says:

    Of course, leverage in the real world can work like leverage in Monopoly. Imagine if nobody had landed on your properties with hotels...

  3. Doris Says:

    He wasn't dwelling on the negative, rather the positive and what he wanted to happen, and it happened.

    Maybe that's the problem a lot of people, they keep expecting something bad to happen and it does. hmmmm . . . I can learn a lot from my children and do. :)

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