Bottom Line On ES For Wk of 29-Dec-2008

Profitable Trades = 38 (70%)
Costing Trades = 16 (30%)

Total Trading Time = ?? hrs

Total Profits = $15,037.50
Total Costs = $12,775.00
Total Commissions = $1,448.37

Week's Net = $814.13 (4.1% ROI on trading capital)

Overall ROI since 10-Nov-2008 start: 559%
- # Traded Days: 34
- # Profitable Days: 25 (73.5%)
- # Costing Days: 9 (26.5%)
- Net: $13,407.54
Notes: Looks like today was a retracement day. I'll makeup for it next week, and be more focused. I attempted to focus on trading, but my mom's critical personal voice was replaying in my head again and again. I recognize what she has said during her 1.5 wk visit here is untrue and very mean. She thinks she's being helpful. None of her comments were directed at trading, but they did very much impact my trading.
It's like there was a huge war going on between my self-worth as to whether I am valuable or not. If you feel you do not deserve wealth, your trading will reflect that and you will do self-sabotaging things. If you truly believe you deserve wealth, you make decisions that allow you to gain wealth. Today there was a great battle.
There was 2.5 hrs left of trading, but I had an appointment to go to and was not able to finish trading to recoup the rest of the costs. I do think I could've recouped the $2.3K plus add another $2K plus commissions with the last bit of trading left, but wasn't around to do so.
Monday my kids will be back in school and I will have time to trade, to focus. This weekend I'm going to work to get the negative, critical messages of my parents & family out of my head, or at least as much as I can. I am responsible for what I receive or reject from other people. Unfortunately, I took their messages instead of rejecting those lies.
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