Bottom Line On ES For Wk of 12-Jan-2009

Profitable Trades = 41 (71%)
Costing Trades = 17 (29%)

Total Trading Time = ?? hrs

Total Profits = $5,325.00
Total Costs = $1,762.50
Total Commissions = $247.38

Week's Net = $3,315.12 (165.8% ROI on trading capital)

Overall ROI since 10-Nov-2008 start: 797%
- # Traded Days: 44
- # Profitable Days: 35 (80%)
- # Costing Days: 9 (20%)
- Net: $19,117.80
2 Responses
  1. tommy Says:

    Can you explain your trading strategy a little bit? Entry signals, exit signals, stops, etc?
    As much as enjoy reading about the money you are making, I don't learn anything from it.


  2. Doris Says:

    Yes, I can explain some of my trading strategy, but it would be assuming that people have a fairly decent understanding of trading and candlesticks.

    I haven't had as much time to really talk about my strategy as much, and my blog has been more for my accountability more than anything.

    Will see if I can do a short video right now.

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