I am being reminded this evening as I read a book by Elisabeth Elliot on "Purity and Passion". It talks about bringing one's love life under the authority of Jesus Christ.

One might think "Why would I even say that here in a trading blog?"

The basic premise of the book is to not rush things, but to wait, basically wait on God's timing.

Yesterday a trading friend of mine asked me why I did not trade typically bigger contract sizes, since I seem to be overall doing much better than most people. I told him that I was not consistent yet in the small sizes and was still doing undesirable things in my trading which had to be worked out, purified, refined.

To do that on certainly larger position sizes would mean certain death.

The process of daytrading, my daytrading in particular, is not just a matter of simply pushing this button or that button, but anything psychologically amiss will come out somewhere in my trading. Daytrading really brings out any dross in one's life and you can either ignore it and see your accounts grow smaller, or you can deal with them, no matter how ugly, and eventually see yourself gaining in your accounts, your wealth growing.

Having experienced some huge downturns and not knowing how to come back, those emotions of hopelessness, despair, desperation are all too familiar. Remembering what that felt like, and what it took to get there, to go there again knowingly would be sheer madness.

I do have a plan of action to reach my goals for the remainder of this year, but, in the end, as I walk with God, I will allow Him to better direct my steps. Sure, I would've liked to already be consistently trading 100 contracts right now, but that's not where I am right now. There is work to be done here and progress is being made. Have not arrived yet.

We have to be brutally honest with ourselves, and then take that information and set it before God, lay it on the altar and have Him do with it as He wills, and to be okay with that. Will I ever be debt free, a mega millionaire or more? Those are goals, but I really don't know. I certainly do hope that it is a part of God's plans, if not, as I submit to His authority, He will reveal what He wants of my life and the direction to take.

Thus far, it's trading. But, it's bringing my passion for trading into a very pure form that draws me closer to the heart of Christ, as well as using my life to draw others to Him.

May you have a very blessed remainder of the weekend.
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