Trades on ES for Mon, 15-Dec-2008

My goal is $10,-00 for the day. Today I grossed $11,997.50.

Total Trades = 22 (started trading Sunday afternoon intermittently through the evening and stopped this morning at 11:16 am EST. I also did some trading afterwards, 5 trades.)
Contracts Used at 1 Time = 8 ($500 margin/contract)
# Profitable Trades = 19 (86%)
# Costing Trades = 3 (14%)
Range of Profitable Trades = $37.50 to $4725.00
Range of Costing Trades = $100 to $500

Total Profits = $12,822.50
Total Costs = $787.50
Commissions = $227.43
Net = $11,807.57 (295% ROI of capital used)

Things I Did Well for Today:

1. Remained calm, clearheaded. Focused on trading and not other things.

2. Planned my trade, traded my plan.

3. Verbalized trades.

4. Waited for good entries.

5. Had breakfast.

6. Spent time with God last night, focusing on what God could do in my life, rather than my circumstances.

7. Let go of things I could not control. Let go of anger. Forgave.

8. Prayed.

9. Kept peace in my household.

10. Used a combination of timeframes: 15, 30, 3 and 1 min.

11. Saw the big picture.


I would like to add for any new readers, this is not a typical trading day for me. Because I had such a huge drawdown on Friday due to a host of errors on my part, I decided to make my goal big today and exceeded it.

The results I'm showing are from all trading I do for the day and is usually a combination of practice and funded trading from several accounts.
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