The market doesn't really give a crap about anyone. It isn't out to get you. I keep hearing that the market is bad. The market is neither good nor bad. It is what it is.

As I'm watching the last 1.5 hrs of trading of the normal equities trading timeframe, the pattern of the market on the 3 min. is simply gorgeous, beautiful. I traded for less than the half the 6.5 hrs of the equities market and made what some people would've made all year in less than 3 hrs. Of course, it was practice, though, real time and everything would've been the same in my real account. I also gave most of it back in commissions and costs because of not getting a grip on my emotions.

Having a good trading plan and being able to execute it precisely is very important. As humans, we often have hope, and that really can kill a person in trading. I was doing moderately well to begin with, then a trade turned against me. Rather than take the cost which was more than I would've liked, that cost became bigger. Oh, another faux paus was that I did not have an appropriate stop in place.

As much as I'd like to blame my children for being very distracting, it was I who chose to continue to trade amidst the distractions. I could feel my blood boil as I watched the clock and my kids still had food all over the dining table, partially eaten, playing around in the bathroom, didn't have their stuff together for school and we needed to leave in less than 5 min.

I was still stewing about some things about my former spouse that transpired in the past few days, those recurrences. Instead of letting them go and chock it up to him, the former controlling self wanted to assert herself, her rights to be offended. That's never a good thing, as it doesn't hurt him or anyone else but myself. Actually, it has had a fairly negative impact to my children and to the environment of our home.

I had gained some victories in some spiritual arenas of my life, but right now I don't feel like I've gained anything but taken a number of steps back. It's very humbling. Not that I was prideful about those victories, but it was nice to overcome some huge things and I find as I begin to reach the next level, other things pulling me back, and me allowing it.

The market is AWESOME every day. The question is, do I (or you) have your act together enough to be able to trade? In order to effectively trade, you really need to come to the table with a clear mind, focused, undistracted. The goal here isn't to make a million today, but enough to meet the needs of my family and to continue to add to my accounts, to stabilize things. Once I've done that very well for awhile, then I can move onto the next thing.

It's been about 5 months since my divorce and I'm still dealing with some challenging issues that I have not learned to master. Perhaps my expectations are too much, but they are still goals and things I must overcome. Everybody has crap that happens, so I must become a master of dealing with interferences, as Dr. David Cook, a sports psychologist talks about.

The market is never out to get you, unlike what most people think. If it can continue to sell, it will. If people see things at enough of a bargain, they begin to buy and keep buying. If it gets too pricey, they stop buying. It's really that simple. Does the market really care about my typical 1-2 contracts? Not at all.

As I write this, at 3:07 pm EST, over 2.1 million contracts have been traded on the ES with another hour left of trading futures for the day. Today I traded 1917 contracts total, with a magnitude of almost $88K (profits + costs) in about 2.75 hrs of trading. Do you think the market really cares? That ends up being about $46/contract of movement.

If we equated that to the 2.1 mil contracts, that's almost $97M in the ES for 2.75 hrs of trading. There's certainly even more money than that that is generated as I wasn't trading for every single minute. Anyway, this is just a guess as to how I personally traded, and is not really reflective of the whole market.

People take it personally that they get taken out of their trades or the market is working against them. What causes one person to be able to make lots of money and someone else to not? As we look at my own trading, when I'm focused, undistracted, emotionally stable, clear mind, I do usually have 80% or more of my trades are profitable.

When I'm not, it can be a bad thing. It's not because the market treated me well, it's I decided to play this game that I wasn't equipped to give myself the best chance to do well. It's like blaming food made you fat. Overeating and eating the wrong foods and a host of other incorrect choices made you fat.

All of this requires that we each take FULL responsibility for our actions, not blaming anyone else.
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