I'm sorry but at least today and tomorrow, I will not be trading. I've now had 3 nights of hardly any sleep (had a total of almost 8 hrs of sleep in the last 3 days). My head hurts big time from sleep deprivation, totally exhausted.

Though I'm forming the discipline of trading no matter what, probably at this state, I need to just say take care of my health. Since I had such a big draw down yesterday and was not able to recoup, attempting to trade today would mean more costs and put me in a further funk than I'm already in.

When I was 20, I could pull this off much easier, but now? Nope. I'm going back to bed for a couple hours, go meet my therapist and then go do mommy duties. Hopefully by Friday I will be back on track.

Though I cannot catch up on lost sleep, if I can get enough sleep these next 2 nights, I will be back in business to trade on Friday.
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