Bottom Line On ES For Wk of 8-Dec-2008

Profitable Trades = 5 (41.7%)
Costing Trades = 12 (58.3%)

Total Trading Time = ?? hrs

Total Profits = $ 1550.00
Total Costs = $10,875.00
Total Commissions = $171.57

Net = -$9.496.57 (-237.4% ROI on trading capital)

Notes: Well, basically Friday's performance wiped out the cumulative net of about $9300 to end at a cumulative a little over -$800. Pretty discouraging, eh? Now you wonder why I didn't want to really evaluate last week. Those are the cold hard facts.

So, let this serve as a lesson to my readers.

It all boils down to psychology and whether you can really trade or not. I have a lot of crap going on my life with my former spouse and as long as I don't deal with him, it's okay. However, it's hell when I have to deal with him. It resulted in me being incredibly angry, which was the 2nd week of anger at him.

It resulted in 3 consecutive sleepless nights because somehow my anger caused spiritual things to happen in my household to wreak havoc with my children. Yes, that does sound bizarre, but how else can I explain my son puking in the middle of the night for 3 nights, but no fever and being totally well to go to school the next day? It wasn't pretty.

Dealing with my former spouse and his insanity also impacted my weekend and it was super emotional. I finally realized once again that he will always be the way he is, and I have to accept it, let it go, let God deal with him and break him down. In the meantime, let God work on me, and not giving Satan any foothold in my life to work, which I did with all that anger. So, letting go.

This week I'm choosing no matter what threats or his antics, to just really lay all of that before God so I can get back to business with my trading and not go through these rollercoaster days. They are really a challenge to emotionally deal with.

My desire is to steadily make money every single day and to net a profit daily to meet the needs of my kids and I, pay off all our debts/taxes/bills and begin building my wealth accounts so I can have multiple streams of income through real estate, other businesses.

I'm learning to be a duck and let things roll off my back. I realize he knows how to push my buttons, so this means I have to keep heavily connected to God, so He gives me discernment and wisdom on what is going on and help me to have self-control. God is in control.
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