Bottom Line On ES For Wk of 22-Dec-2008

Profitable Trades = 12 (48%)
Costing Trades = 13 (52%)

Total Trading Time = ?? hrs

Total Profits = $ 2,650
Total Costs = $2,225
Total Commissions = $199.50

Net = $225.50 (5.6% ROI on trading capital)

Overall ROI since 10-Nov-2008 start: 525%
- # Trading Days: 30
- # Profitable Days: 22 (73%)
- # Costing Days: 8 (27%)

Notes: This was Christmas week and we had a lot of stuff going on. It was a super emotional week. I only traded 3 days this week, but had the opportunity to make it 4 days, but chose not to trade on Friday as I too many things going on and just didn't feel like trading. I'm thinking I may not trade this Friday, but it will really depend.

My kids have got a lot of toys from family and friends, and I'm overwhelmed with all the stuff they have. We will need to go through their toys & clothes and donate or give away things they no longer need. It will be time later this week to take down the Christmas tree. I might as well start on some Spring cleaning of things early, as I have a lot of papers in my storage room from when I was an engineer that I ought to just send to the shredders to make room or just declutter.

This week, my focus will be get my personal taxes squared away, which there is a lot of work. And to begin better organizing my business documentation. All of this cannot be done this week with further social things going on and my kids at home all the time.

We did not get to go on the vacation we were hoping, because there are a lot of financial issues I must deal with. Maybe when all this is cleared up, eventually we can take a real vacation, but for now, finding little bits of time here and there, basquing in the moment, and just letting God give me daily mini-vacations will have to do.
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