Bottom Line On ES For Wk of 15-Dec-2008

Profitable Trades = 23 (70%)
Costing Trades = 10 (30%)

Total Trading Time = ?? hrs

Total Profits = $ 16,222.50
Total Costs = $2,675
Total Commissions = $351.12

Net = $13,196.38 (188.5% ROI on trading capital)

Overall ROI since 10-Nov-2008 start: 515%
- # Trading Days: 27
- # Profitable Days: 20 (74%)
- # Costing Days: 7 (26%)

Notes: Monday I was super focused to makeup for basically biting the dust the Friday before. It goes to show that I CAN be really focused. However, the remainder of the week my focus was not there, as I was all over the place in things.

I recognized my kids had a lot of things going and the stuff with my former spouse has not been good. Defintely I need to master emotional resiliency so I can focus on the things I really need to attend to and not waste energy on things like my former spouse or people who want to derail me, or circumstances that come up.

I've been so emotional it has definitely not been funny.
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