Bottom Line On ES For Wk of 1-Dec-2008

Profitable Trades = 84 (58%)
Costing Trades = 61 (42%)

Total Trading Time = 5.8 hrs

Total Profits = $50,662.50
Total Costs = $40,687.50 (80% of profits)
Total Commissions = $7,780.5 (15% of profits)

Net = $2,194.50 (2.7% ROI on capital) or $378.36/hr of trading

This has been a challenging trading week as I've learned things about distractions, toxic people, negative attitudes, emotional challenges were things that made trading an adventure that showed me some things that I want to or do not want to do.

It's really helping me, however, to learn to trade in all sorts of conditions, especially the adverse and to work to get things stabilized, so that I CAN trade no matter what. To be aware, responsible and accountable for your actions can be a real challenge. We want to blame others for our poor choices, but in the end, it is I who executes the trades and no one else.

Some tough lessons to learn, but hopefully as I constantly see where I need to work on in my trading, that it will get through my head and I will do it. I'll have to admit, only on Monday did I want to trade, but Tues-Fri, I did not but forced myself as I made the commitment to trade every day (minus holidays). I'm not trading throughout the whole day, so I figure I can focus for the 1/2 hr or hour or so.

Have a super week. God bless you all!

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