Anger is a very strong emotion. IF left uncheck, it can be quite damaging. Anger can also be contagious if we are emotionally wounded. Today is a case in point. At least today I recognized that trading with real money was not a good thing, so I did not.

And, it's a very good thing I did not, as it's truly been disasterous today. I was able to recoup the money that was literally "lost" in the market. It was a loss and not a cost as there were many things done that I would not do in real life.

There were a myriad of things I was very angry at, and really lost control. Instead of appropriately setting aside my trading until I dealt with my anger, I continued to trade. This was not a good thing. In turn, I made choices that I would not have otherwise.

You know those things. Now you're way down and what are you going to do to get that money back? Yes, you take chances you would otherwise not take under normal conditions.

Though I ended up in a net profit today of a little more than my goal of $500, most of my profits went to either costs or commissions. I don't have time to post the results, but I basically traded for about 3 hrs. My results are BRUTAL and I definitely need a time out.

I'm done trading for the day and greatly need more time with God and for people to pray for me, to shake this bad attitude off me.
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