7 Week Equity Curve

There were 3 trading days since 10-Nov-2008 that I could've trade but did not. Two of them were days after major holidays. The other was after having a huge drawdown and I needed to get my mental act together. I am very thankful I was able to pull myself out of that drawdown and really get back on track.
With trading during personally emotionally times and too many things on my plate to do, I can see I've had more costing days than I'd like. Overall, my track record is still better than a lot of people's. My goal is steady progress in profitability rather than some huge profitable days followed by big costing days to make small gains. That is just emotionally not good to do.
Since I have too many emotional challenges, continually making positive progress and keeping the negative small and managable is a goal of mine, as I heal/recover from my divorce and the financial challenges I've been faced with.

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