16 Days Of Trading

So far with what I'm doing as I made the commitment nearly 4 weeks ago to trade every day no matter what (I did take off Thanksgiving and the Friday after), I've found 3 of the days have netted negative. One, the commissions exceeded what I brought it and that was a nearly break even day, but technically, it's still negative.

It seems every 5-6 days of trading, I end up with 1 negative day in the bunch. Not sure what the deal is. Do I need to only trade 4 days a week? How do I know which one? Friday, Monday and Wednesday were negative days, looking back.

When I trade 1 contract, I usually have a higher ROI then if I do 2 contracts legging in. Guess I take profits sooner on 2 contracts and sometimes maybe my entries aren't quite as clean. When I do 2 contracts, I do get in and out of trades quicker.

So far, I'm up 316% ROI in 16 trading days.

Inspite of some of the things I've done, this is still a fabulous return. Keep in mind, I've been sort of going through some hell with my former spouse, learning how to be a single parent, manage financial disaster, and a bunch of other things. Just A LITTLE bit of pressure, don't ya think?

It's interesting the Overall ROI trend. If I continue at this same rate through to the day before Christmas (aka Christmas Eve), that's 15 more trading days, I would be at over 4400% return.

I just did the calculations on how much I would need to make each day. That's a bit outrageous, but possible. What I would need to do is be very focused and basically be making around $1K/hr, so this means great focus.

This means for the remainder of this week trade with 1 contract and doubling the contracts (not legging in/out) for the next 3 weeks thereafter, so on Christmas week, I'd be trading 8 contracts at a time, as if it was one contract (no legging in/out).

This is all conjecture and I've not done that in futures YET. It seems like I've been on the 1 contract for quite some time, but to really grow accounts exponentially, one needs to trade with more contracts. It would definitely mean trading for at least an hour a day, maybe closer to 2 hours on some days.

So, it's possible in 31 days of trading, or 7 weeks and 2 of them being partial trading weeks, to get over a 4000% ROI. That would be amazing, because that means trading every day. That isn't luck. If you hit the jackpot on one trade that is 4000%, that doesn't mean you're a good trader.

Even 7 weeks with this kind of return doesn't mean one is a good trader, but it is a good start.

Anyway, it's nice to dream. Let's get back to trading, making each trade count and making good trades each time, keeping profits high and costs low. Take one day at a time.

Happy Trading.
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