Trading IS Psychological

Proof is in the pudding. The market is always right and as perfect as anything can get here in this flawed world. Even if you have great technical analysis, a good trading plan and strategy, it really boils down to the psychological aspect of trading.

I am humbly psyched.

This week there were some huge milestones for me personally. Taking the trip out of town without a man was a huge thing and I haven't done that since before my first marriage, when I was in college. I also was better able to understand and express to my dad something I've been wanting to do for over 30 yrs and I was able to do it in a manner that honored both my dad and myself, building a stronger relationship.

I'm learning to really trust God and have an expectant hope in Him, especially when things don't turn out well or are going my way. Over these past few years, especially the past year plus, I've learned to praise God inspite of my outward circumstances.

I'm also learning to abolish those things which I CAN control that are toxic. People, we don't need toxic people in our lives and it would do a lot of us a lot of good to have healthy boundaries, stick to them without fear or reservation, and get rid of people who cannot respect them. That sounds cruel, but it's much easier to pull someone down than bring them up. So, cut the cord.

What if it's family? Sometimes you have to then minimize exposure or avoid things that would create toxicity. I grew up and led most of my life in such dysfunctionality, but by the grace of God, He can redeem, if we allow Him to.

I feel so blessed that God has been revealing all these areas of my life that need changing and He's doing it in an incredibly way. Yes, fairly painful in many respects, but what's resulting are some amazing changes in my life.

If you're trading isn't going well, I would highly recommend looking at the psychological aspects of your life. Sometimes you just gotta dig really deep and what may seem obvious really isn't. And, you may need help (professional) to get there.
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