Today's Trades on the ES (Wed, 19-Nov-2008)

My goal is $500/day when I trade. Today I grossed $562.50.

Total Trades = 7 (1.55 hrs. from 11/18 from 6:12 pm to 7:25 pm EST, 11/19 from 9:42 am to 9:44 am EST, 11:07 am to 11:25 am EST)
Contracts Used at 2 Time = 1 t($500 margin/contract)
# Profitable Trades = 7 (100%)
# Costing Trades = 0 (0%)
Range of Profitable Trades = $50 to 125
Range of Costing Trades = $0

Total Profits = $562.50
Total Costs = $0
Commissions = $27.93
Net = $534.57 (53.4% ROI of capital used)

Things I Did Well for Today:

1. Be emotionally stable and free, well. This was a very healing morning for me as well as last night, though I did not get much sleep. God's been doing an incredible mighty work. There were some huge spiritual breakthroughs. Some things that have held me in lifelong bondage spiritually and in my mind were broken in the past 24 hrs. My mind was clear and free to think.

2. Wait for your trades to come to you. Do not chase trades. I waited for each of my trades and so far, trading does not look challenging, because I can see clearly. There is no anxiety. When the signals are clear for me to get in and get out, I took them.

3. Plan your trade, trade your plan.

4. Stopped when I reached my goal. I upped my goal for today to $500. The last trade I made $125 and put me above the $500 mark, and that includes commissions. The market looks so beautiful today, but I'm done. One of the trades, $125 was made last night.

5. Know who I am in Jesus Christ, as a woman, as a mother, as a trader and be confident in it, knowing that God has called me to trade and to trade well. I have to attend to first things first.

6. Thank you God! You are my Provider and it is You that enables me to create wealth.

7. Verbalized trades by talking through the trades before putting them on.

Overall, I took very little money from what was available in the market, but I'm very happy what I took. It was easy because my emotional state was very clear and good today, even though I spent a good portion of my morning crying. My face is stained with tears, but they are healing tears of humbleness and joy at what God is doing in my life and all around me.

I am 100% confident that God who has called me to trade and to do amazing things in the market, He will complete that in me. It is not without it's learning curves and there are some big ones for me.

It is humbling to know I can essentially make more in a very short amount of time than I can in a full day's senior engineer's salary, doing what I love, being the mommy I want to be, living the life I want. It's only a matter of time that I will be making consistently enough money to pay off all my debts, to keep providing for my family, to use the money to empower the lives of other people.

I'm looking forward to writing out those million dollar checks to other people and organizations God calls me to give to. I can see it, taste it. It's so close.
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