Today's Trades on the ES (12-Nov-2008)

My goal is $300/day when I trade. Today I grossed $337.50.

Total Trades = 3 (9 min. from 10:28 am to 10:37 am EST)
Contracts Used at 1 Time = 1 to 2 ($500 margin/contract)
# Profitable Trades = 3 (100%)
# Costing Trades = 0
Range of Profitable Trades = $37.50 to $150
Range of Costing Trades = $0

Total Profits = $337.50
Total Costs = $0
Commissions = $11.97
Net = $325.53 (32.5% of capital used)

Things I did right today:
1. Waited for the correct entry.
2. Planned my trade. Traded my plan.
3. Stopped when I exceeded $300 for the day and knew that I would net more than that after commissions.
4. Allowed myself to be stopped out by my stops.
5. Focused.
6. Took a deep breath.
7. Committed to trading today and did it.
8. I knew where I was on the price action as well as where I was on RSI.

Today I feel the spirit of criticism, judgment and condemnation wanting to come upon me. It's a cultural thing. My dad was over here last night watching my kids so I could go to my church small group last night. He starts in today and I'm fighting to feel incredibly incompetent as a person and a parent. I knew there was a risk that I could trade poorly, as those are feelings of self-worth. But, I committed to trading every day no matter what is going on.

I said I could focus for that short amount of time it would take me to earn $300. It would only be a few trades and it turned out to be 3 trades. I praise God for it. Now I need to go spend some time in God's Word and allow Truth to come into my life and reject the harsh, untrue words of my dad. I am a good parent. I love my children. I am worthy and loved by God.

Today it took me 9 min. to get $300 from the market. That's great. When I get really good at taking this from the market in a short time, I'll up it to $500, but for now, $300 will suffice.

Note that all my trades are real, whether they are funded or not, as I do the same exact things in both funded and not funded. So, you won't really know unless I tell you, and it's really not necessary.

The one thing I did not do that I violated was that I did not verbalize my trades today. So, though all my trades were profitable, this was reinforcing something I did not want to reinforce.

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