That Which We Focus On

For my regular readers, it may be shocking the financial situation I'm in. Cannot quite remember if I shared it before or not.

Some questions one might ask are:

1. How could an intelligent woman get herself in such a mess?
2. Can she be trusted with this mess?
3. Does she know what she's talking about in terms of trading?
4. If she knows what she's talking about, how come she's still in this mess?

Those are some valid questions that I would ask, too.

Some other questions that might be asked are:

1. Has she learned from all this?
2. What are the things she's doing to correct these things?
3. What changes in habits & behaviors is she making, made or plans on making?

The title of this blog "That Which We Focus On" is what I'm going to explain. This really boils down to 2 things that I can address: Debt or Creating Wealth

That's really it. Many, many books are written on how to manage debt, how to pay down debts, how to live on less, give up stuff. All of that is focused on DEBT and lack, not enough, mistakes.

Creating Wealth focuses on abundance, on receiving, creation, on prosperity.

I've had some posts on my debt situation, but more have been focused on creating wealth.

A part of creating wealth is empowerment, knowledge, discipline, work, a plan, and for Christians, God is the number one factor, and risk. I have a lot of knowledge (though, this is a continual learning process), discipline, work, a good plan and am focused on Jesus Christ.

As for empowerment, what are the things that would empower me?

1. Having the right mental/emotional attitude
2. Correct self-talk
3. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well-being
4. Seeing through eyes of opportunity & faith

Much of my time this year has been spent on that. I've already thoroughly and continue to test my trading strategies and they work really well. The psychological part is the greatest part, and my plans are to aggressively tackle and master that part of trading.

I've learned my every day life does impact my trading, and if I cannot get that under control, prospering in trading will be handicapped. It's like wanting to run this race with huge weights tied to various parts of your body. Though you may be making headway, you're expending a lot of energy to not get very far.

There are some things, like my children, I will not want to do away with because they are a huge part of what I live for and my joy. So, I will work around the things I have with my kids. Of course, I'm open to suggestions on how to better manage things.

A part of creating wealth is good management of everything. Once again, another area for me to improve on.
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