Stocks That Are Doing Well Or Holding

I have not been really looking at stocks too much over the past few months as I've been really focused on trading the emini's, particularly the ES. Plus, my life has been really busy. But, this evening, I was looking at a few of my favorite stocks and saw how much they had dropped in price. Though I'm loving the "bear" market, as I looked at all the stocks I could think of that I've traded in the past 3 yrs that I have loved, none of the stocks have held during this market and they have all taken a beating big time.

So, as I poured over 100 stocks, I began asking, which stocks have faired well and which sectors. I don't have a ton of time, but for those needing their stocks to go up, here are some stocks that have faired well, meaning they have either held their price or gone up while most of the market and stocks have gone down:

Biotechnology (BIO1 subsector) : OSIR, GENZ, MYGM, EBS, CBST, CEPH, ALXN, DNA, OMRI, IMCL

Environmental & Facility Services (CSV sector CMS5 subsector): WCN, SRCL, WMI, AW

Food Beverage & Tobacco (FBT sector): UST, CPB, GIS, FLO, LNCE, ADY, TR, DMND, RAH, HSY, BUD

Consumer Services, Restaurants (HTL sector, HTS4 subsector): MCD

Consumer Services, Education Services (HTL sector, CON5 subsector): APOL, ESI, STRA, DV, CPLA, COCO, LINC

Pharmeceuticals (PHA1 subsector): BRL, ALO, KG, VRX, QCOR

Insurance (INS sector): FFH, CIA, NFS, PHLY, TWGP, SIGI, IPCC, NAVG, ORH

Materials (MTR sector): ROH, RGLD, WPP

Capital Goods, Aerospace Defense (CAP sector, AER1 subsector): ADG, DRS

Utilities (UTI sector): NJR, SJI, LG, PNY, GAS, WGL, HE, CHG, VV, NST, WTR, CWT

Food & Staples Retailing (FDR sector): WMT, NAFC, KR, CASY

Do take note that I did not go to all 24 major sectors, nor did I go to each subsector. I did an initial scan and looked at stocks that caught my eye and then their subsectors & sectors.

I went through all these areas really fast and some I thought might be good were not all that great after I looked at them just a few seconds more. I did not go on statistics of how they performed, rather I quickly looked at the chart pattern, volumes, RSI and made a quick judgment.

These are not stocks that you should just jump into purchasing without doing your due diligence.

All major sectors trended down for the year. However, the subsectors that did not were in education and water utilities.

Anyway, my commitment to go to bed at a reasonable hour is upon me, so off I go. Enjoy.
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