Sad Day?

For me it's a sad day that it looks like Obama will be our next president. However, maybe a true recession going deeper wouldn't be a bad idea for the country. Maybe a loss of freedoms with no personal responsibility or accountability is what is needed for this country. I figure, if you don't truly appreciate what you have, maybe we don't deserve to have it.

I'm very bearish on the economy, at least over the next 2 years. That's fine by me, though.

We often think we are entitled to this and that, when it's really more a privilege and blessing. So, Obama wants a small percentage of people who already pay a lot in taxes to pay even more. What happens when they don't want to and leave the country or do other things? Who then will you go to for the money? Oh yeah, you just print more money from out of the blue and borrow more from China, a communist country.

To be in debt to a communist country. That's real wise, that alone has a population that surpasses the U.S. several times. Wow, this looks even worse than I thought. Well, one thing China and the U.S. now have in common or will soon is a disregard for the sanctity of life.

As I've written before, every situation there is opportunity, especially in challenging circumstances. This is no exception. Guess others and myself will have to collaborate on how to hire the right people who know tax laws/codes to better use it to our advantage and take actions to keep our taxes low.

Bite the hand that feeds. Not a good idea. Guess this is greater opportunities for those of us willing to think out of the box to be really creative. Though I am not wealthy financially yet, I'll be darned if I'm going to be forced to give to things I don't believe in and a lot of it. So, even if I have to spend more money in areas that I would not have to preserve the wealth I'll attain, I'd much rather give it to whom I want than not have that choice.

Yes, I'm a bit pissed, but I'll learn in this opportunity of challenges over the next 4 yrs.
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