No Fear - Go For It!

Today my 5 yr old son taught me a valuable lesson and I had a great 'aha' moment. I see a lot of myself in him but he’s a much better version, and cute, too.

He had a goal to go back to Peter Piper Pizza to get some really cool toys, earning them through the games. He and I went there on a date last weekend. He had a blast, but with all these tokens, he earned about 300 tickets and all he got were a few pieces of candy. He was very happy, but he wanted some of the cooler, nicer toys.

I explained to him that he gets a certain amount of money. That’s his budget. He can choose to use it as he pleases.

This evening, I gave him 2 options: go bowling or a harvest festival party. He negotiated to go to Peter Piper Pizza (PPP). I said okay.

When we got there, I said this was the amount of money he had. We could get pizza & drinks and the rest use for tokens. He so wanted the cool toys and said that he didn’t want to eat and rather eat healthy stuff like eggs & veggies when we got home, and that he would drink water.

I said okay. He used some tokens and was only earning a few tickets at a time. He asked if it would be enough to get the toys he wanted. I said No, not at the rate he was going. He asked how many did he need.

I said he needed A LOT, like a mountain of tickets. Then, I said he needed to find a game where he could earn LOTS of tickets. He eagerly said okay and ran off.

He came back probably 5 min. later with literally hundreds of tickets if not close to a thousand. My eyes got very big. He asked if it was enough. I said probably close to it.

He said he still had lots of tokens left. I said go earn more and let’s see what you can do. He came back a bunch of times with hundreds of tickets. In the end, he earned a few thousand tickets.

He had so many tickets that him and 2 PPP employees had to help him carry all those tickets to get them cashed in.

He set his goal on one thing, but was not limited to just that and wanted to see how much he could get. He ended up buying about 1/2 dozen or more toys with all those tickets.

He didn’t think about what he couldn’t do, or that last weekend with about the same amount of money he got just a few things of candy. He went from making a few hundred total to a few thousand.

He had no fears or self limitations. He wasn’t going to be defeated. I watched as he watched other people playing the games and determined which game he could earn a lot of tickets.

He focused in on his goal—get LOTS of tickets with what he had. In the end, he had extra tickets and I asked if he could share them with some other kids. He gladly did it.

He also went up to the employees that helped him and thanked them, shaking their hands. He did not fear failure. He showed appreciation and gratitude for help he received. He also made friends during that time with quite a number of kids there.

He bought toys for himself, his sister, and even something for me. This spoke so greatly to me tonight.

What are the key points I took from this 'aha' moment?
  • Know what you want
  • Focus on what you want to achieve, not on what cannot be achieved
  • Leverage
  • Negotiate
  • Have fun in the process of obtaining your goal, whether you fail, make a little process, or a lot of process
  • Share your success
  • Have a good plan
  • Bring others in on your success
  • Every experience is a new one
  • Learn from your past, but do not dwell on failures or successes
  • Observe
  • Be generous
  • Be grateful during the whole process
  • Show appreciation to those who help you; give them respect
  • Cheer for the success of others & celebrate with them
  • Be excited here and now
  • Sacrifice where needed
  • Know your priorities
  • Celebrate every step towards your goal
  • Ask for help (do not be ashamed or embarrassed)
  • Get involved in the help
  • Follow-up on the help you receive

These are the key points I learned from my son who greatly demonstrated these for me. EVERY single time he came back with tickets. Each time I gave him 5 tokens. Sometimes he only came back with maybe 10 tickets, but he was so excited. He would say, "Isn't this cool mommy?" I was so excited seeing him, and you can't help but want to be excited for him.

Honestly, I never thought he'd using the same money make what he made to get the toys he wanted, much less 1/2 dozen toys. It might have been more. I don't recall because he came back with a bag of toys in the end.

I wanted to add that I was on my laptop working and didn't want to leave my laptop and high techie gadgets unattended and was too far away to help him. So, I suggested he ask one of the PPP employees to help him. Because of all the tickets, it required 2 of them, and him to help.

One of the things that he did after he asked for help from complete strangers, but the right people (employees of the PPP), was that he told them what he wanted done, where he wanted to take the tickets, he had them walk ahead of him so he could make sure no tickets were lost. Every ticket was valuable.

These are the things I learned from my 5 year old last evening.

Hopefully those reading can see how invaluable this lesson is. We all have lessons in our lives and if we can look around, we can learn and grow from them. That is how I need to live and I'm beginning to step into it.

It doesn't matter what your situation is, whether you deal with people or not, there are things to learn all around us. Open your eyes, your heart, your mind and you will be surprised.

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