There is a lot of healing that needs to take place in my life. I'm experiencing a lot of stuff. Trading is mainly psychological. I've heard many traders say 80%. I have a good, solid trading plan and strategy that consistently makes profits.

So, with that, what are the factors that prevent me from making that money right now? Afterall, I can make money whether the market goes up or down.

I'm learning and continue to learn that self-sabotaging behaviors, mindsets, emotions will impact your trading. You can have all the greatest plans, but if you cannot properly execute for whatever reasons, you know those voices in your head that say, "well, I know it's doing this, but . . ." and you have that "hope". Well, hope rhymes with dope.

There are some exciting things happening that I'm actively doing every single day towards my healing/recovery:

1. Putting God #1
2. Time in the Bible
3. Prayer (to God)
4. 90-day cleanse
5. yoga 3 days/wk
6. EMDR sessions weekly (energy psychology counseling)
7. Deep tissue massages weekly
8. Deep breathing
9. Identity in Christ Bible study
10. Actively involved in 2 life groups in my church

Something I need to do better at is SLEEP!!!

Though my financial situation is still not great, mentally/emotionally I'm feeling much better inspite of everything. No longer do I feel fearful. I've been able to get into poses in yoga I've never been able to in the 7 or so years I've been doing it. The cleanse is ridding my body on a cellular level some nasty stuff, maybe that's why some things have been surfacing like cravings and odd behaviors.

Fear is held in the body in the psaoas (sp?) area, as I understand it. That area has been opening up more recently, which is totally cool. Next week I'm going to have my massage therapist work in that area (it's near the pelvic/groin area), though, it's not exactly comfortable for me to ask him to do that, but I trust him as he's totally professional and I have a great relationship with him.

My yoga instructor is committed to helping me do that, too, in a different way.

Since I started this cleanse, I've been feeling freer emotionally, which I started about 25 days ago. My EMDR sessions are going well and each week, I'm making new strides. Hopefully all these things will help me to have crystal clear focus to trade REALLY well. The money will follow, but I must trade well.
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