Since I'm up, got woken up around 1 or 1:30ish this morning with my 5 yr old son supposedly sleeping beside me, hacking up a lung. Needless to say, he ended up puking. He'd been coughing a lot and it made going to sleep not very easy for either of us. I'd probably only been asleep just a little over an hr.

Poor little guy. Anyway, he threw up on the bed, but thankfully the majority of it made it into his puke bucket. I cleaned up all the messes and since I wasn't in a great mood, my language at the time wasn't too good. My 8 yr old daughter reminded me that it wasn't good to say bad words and my son didn't mean to puke. I totally know this and apologized to both of them.

Calmed everyone down, began washing all the bed linens with puke, and got things cleaned up. Then, I began doing accupressure on trigger points and massage on my son first, whose coughing was just terrible. Spent quite some time on him, hoping to help ease his cough. His cough now at nearly 3:20 am seems not as intense, but it's still there.

My daughter was having some difficulty breathing. We had been to a friend's home for a birthday party and people had been smoking outdoors and indoors they had cats, which she and I are allergic to. I'm guessing this bothered my kids and did not help them.

This is going to be a long night, so I decided to do some reading of when I started this blog, about 16 months ago. My, how my trading has really evolved a great deal. Additionally, I went through a divorce and have learned how to better manage single parenting. This is my most challenging, but rewarding job, of which I'm grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to be the parent of 2 incredible children, to help mold and shape their formidable years.

I have been aggressive at tackling my dreams and goals for trading. This road is the road that is less traveled. Looking back from where I was 13 years ago to where I am now, I think about all the changes of me personally as well as my trading. Certainly for a typical person, having gone through such huge things, they would've given up.

How important are your dreams to you? Whose to say they are realistic or not? The question, rather, is, are you willing to have an indomitable spirit inspite of the obstacles you may face?

Enjoy the journey, even if you come across some big potholes in the road. Maybe you'll learn to see them sooner and learn to avoid them, rather than falling right in. Who knows where my trading will be in a year from now, except God.

Keep pursuing your dreams. Allow the obstacles/challenges in your lives to help you be more creative, more determined. God bless you.
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