Differences Between ES Wk 10-Nov and 17-Nov-2008 Trading Results

These are the differences between trading for this week and last week:

1. I got some badly needed rest and relaxation over the weekend. Got away and allowed my right brain to be nurtured through change of scenery and piano playing.

2. The capital used this week was 1/10th the trading capital used last week.

3. A greater calmness in trading.

4. Greater profitability.

5. The number of trades made were cut in half this week from the prior week.

6. Greater consistency in time spent at the computer this week than last.

7. Stopped trading when I reached my goal for the day. My day goal varied daily.

8. Much better execution of trades this week, which resulted in higher probability of profitable trades.

9. Significantly better focus this week and it was much easier to focus.

10. The costs portion of this week cut very small into my profits where last week, the majority of my costs ate most of my profits.

I am now a FIRM believer in giving the mind, body rest and nurturing. This week's market may seem "scarier" to more people, but it really has been a calm, fun time for me. I am really excited about trading as I get a better hold of my psychological aspect of trading.

There is no difference in technical analysis of last week or this week. The only thing is psychological.

Do you want to give 80% of your profits back to costs? Or would you like to keep that 80% as profits?

It sure does something to one's psyche to give back most of your profits, and is not good trading.

I praise God because it is God that empowers me to be able to create wealth. He's sent a number of people, resources, and situations to help open my eyes to things I need to change in my life or allow God to work and intervene. He is an amazing God and I look forward to sharing my successes and well as my failures with my readers.

It's a continual learning process and I bless your trading. May you find this journey an incredibly rich and fulfilling one. God bless you.
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