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Daily I will begin playing the piano to help me better in my trading. It seems my left brain is way over used and my right brain is very weakened. In order to strengthen the right brain, I was advised to talk more, do creative things like play music, workout, play sports, quilt, scrapbook, etc. It was also advised that I take a vacation or get away from the valley for a bit.

I've played the piano since I was 4 yrs old and was good enough to give lessons to others while in high school. My playing since college has greatly gone downhill as I sporadically played and in my 30s, rarely ever played.

So, now at 40, I'm starting over in my piano. Of course, I don't have to start from square one and probably my playing is still in the advanced levels, very low levels, but it's certainly not where it used to be. While at the music store picking out music, there weren't that much music that I saw that would challenge me to the level I wanted, but I did find a few classical books by composers I love, but my favorite, was not there. It was okay. I think there is enough music to last me for awhile.

I'm really going to start off with playing 15 min./day and see how that progresses, see if it helps ease my stress some in my brain. I decided to work on a number of exercises by Hanon that it'll take me awhile to get through.

For those of you just starting to read my blog and wondering why I would be talking about playing the piano, so let me explain. My skills, knowledge, and risk are pretty good as a technical trader doing what I'm doing. Note that last part. I'm not a guru of Elliot Waves or even of the technical indicators I use, but I do know how to use them and to use them profitably. That's what ultimately counts, right? It's good to know theory and the basis of things, but if you cannot put things to action, it just seems like a useless "trophy".

The aspect of trading I've been most focusing on for a good portion of this year and especially more so aggressively lately is the psychology of trading, particularly MY psychological makeup. There are a number of challenges in my life right now. We all have our own and I have employed different people to help me to be a better trader.

Today I learned my left brain is super dominant over my right brain, and the right side is very weak. This is not a good state and I need to be involved in things on a regularly, daily basis that will help level those 2 things out. Having this imbalance causes me to be far more emotional and emotional trading is NOT good in the long run. Sure, you could profit, but this is not a good way to trade and very hazardous.

So, we need to balance out my emotions and ability to do this. Though I am in psycho therapy and do exercise regularly, perhaps I need to step up the exercise a bit more to incorporate more than just regular yoga, but also more cardio and strength training. That stimulates a bunch of areas of my body physically.

The playing of the piano stimulates my brain in a different way and since music has been a part of my whole life, this will most likely help me very much in my trading, because I see "music" in trading. It's often like a dance and as weird as this may sound, I do hear music in my head and different pieces playing on different days of the market.

I originally wanted to be a musician, but the fact I went into engineering because it was seen as more stable, was not a bad thing, but it wasn't my passion, my love. I believe trading allows me to marry music, engineering, art, socialization, interaction, psychology and athletics all together. It's truly a work of art, beautiful.

So, I'm just documenting here so I can see the progression of my trading over the next weeks, months, and years.
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