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Did you see where the S&P ended up today? Right on the 200 EMA on the Monthly chart. It's just so very beautiful.

Today looked like it could be a hammer and the day before an inverted hammer. This is only the case if we are at support. Let's see what happens. Since we are at the 200 EMA on the monthly, this is important and I would guess that it will test this area and I would not be surprised that it would test this for the next month up until elections, where right at elections would end up right around where it's at.

Based upon the election, it may continue further down or reverse here, at least for a time.

Here's what I see and if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. If I'm right, wow.

I figured a picture is worth a thousand words.

Look at how beautiful that monthly chart is? Looks like a M, eh? Ironic that it comes to tag the 200 EMA, eh?

Now, this is the daily chart blown up. I put my hypothecized movement of the S&P from now until the Election Day. I see things as compressing into a descending wedge and the breakout will be who becomes president. I might be biased, but if Obama becomes president, I see the market further tanking, at least in the near future. If McCain becomes president, the temporary pattern is back up, but not as high as it was prior.

The overall pattern would still be compressing with shorter cycles.

Well, this is all conjecture to me, my conjecture.

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