Hello readers. I'm sorry for not posting in awhile. My kids have been on Fall Break for 2 weeks. Yes, I've still traded, but my time has been limited in blogging. If it wasn't already constrained before, it was even more constrained with the kids off school. I took quite a few of those days to really just enjoy my children and friends, as well as for a little R&R.

It took quite a bit to get rid of the nasty cough I had, which I think it's completely gone now!! Praise God!!! So, this means I can get back to business.

I started on a 90-day cleanse nearly 2 weeks ago and I think that's a part of the reason why I'm feeling much better physically. Been getting more regular with yoga, which helps with my focus. There were some challenging lessons that I learned over the past 2 weeks. Let me reiterate, if you have a good trading plan, you MUST follow it for success.

Also, I did some paperwork organization and decluttering. I still have some other financial organizing to do. The markets will always be there and daily there are opportunities.

Until next time . . . God bless you and help give you wisdom to make wise choices.
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