This is a very important issue for me when I vote. As a business owner for my trading, this does impact what I get to keep. Also, taxes for every trader, investor, anyone who has any retirement, this should be of concern to you.

Think carefully about who you want to vote for.

I personally think that when I make over $250K/yr why should I be penalized for all the hard work it took to get there?

Businesses stimulate the economy by employing people. Put more burdens on business owners?
2 Responses
  1. Werner Says:

    I agree completely Doris.

    As I heard one guy put it, "It's punishing people for being productive and rewarding those that are less or non-productive."

    It is the producers, in a free market, that stimulate the economy, create jobs, and provide the opportunity for other entrepreneurial-minded individuals to start their own businesses. The big government “tax and spend” people lose sight of that.

  2. Doris V Says:

    I'll make a blog entry of my response to yours.

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