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People do lose sight because they don't realize that it is businesses that give them their jobs. Granted, just as in every system, there are people and companies who abuse the system, then it ruins it for others.

Our freedoms are paid for at the cost of the lives of many people. They forget that if you do not show your power and strength periodically, others (other countries) will rise up and see that we're complacent and soon we will be serving them and some of their tyrannical forms of government.

Freedom does cost.

I'll share that the hell my kids and I have been through, even so, I have not had to rely on the government for help in any form. God is ultimately my Provider in everything. He has brought individuals to help me in various manner, given me a brain to use, and to take time to dig out of this mess I'm in. Though it has been humbling. God is very good.

I would have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised at God's grace and mercy because most people in the horrible situation I was thrust into, I was still able to stay in my house, maintain a good standard of living, albeit, some weeks, months were tight.

There are some things that will take awhile to get out of, like fixing my credit, but I have defaulted on nothing, not filed bankruptcy, no child support, taking on all community property debts (at the order of the lame superior court judge), raising 2 young children alone, and still providing my children with all their needs and then some.

Sure I would love it if I was making tens of thousands of dollars every day. One day I will be, but for now, I'm rebuilding my accounts one trade at a time with one dollar at a time. I've learned a lot in this process and continue to. God continues to help develop my character and to teach me, giving me many opportunities.

The hard times for me have been challenging, but it's caused me to step out of my comfort zone, to live outside my comfort zone and to really trust Him as I step out in faith. Faith isn't something that is spoken about, but it is basically a solid trust put into action something you cannot see. It is not blind faith.

There was a point some people said to go apply for food stamps and other things. It was not a matter of pride that I did not, but I honestly felt that God would meet our needs one day at a time and that He would resource me. He totally has. I've not had to go to a food bank to get food (not that there is anything wrong with this) or even apply for assistance at my church.

I was able to cut a lot of expenses in our living, renegotiate terms of debts, learn how to better communicate, face my fears, ask people for help in areas I was lacking in, negotiate service prices, be creative in things. The thing was, my kids and I were able to continue to buy the organic products we've always, but all of a sudden (God doing it somehow), things we used went on sale where they did not, or things seemed to stretch a lot further where in the past they did not -- like my gas tank.

I'm not sure if I shared in this blog or not, but in the past year, though our electric company has had rate increases, the electric company has sent me letters twice telling me they need to lower my electric bill. My home is always temperaturewise very comfortable. Every time I've had an extra expense, somehow God provided the money to pay for things, or somehow, I would get some super discounts just for no reason.

God has been so good to my kids and I, given us favor in our very tough situation. I'm looking back and not even sure how we lived financially on so little, but God IS our Provider. However, it required a heart that recognized it was God and that I was willing to be humble and change.

One of the things I've learned and continue to learn is to ASK, which opens the door to leveraging. In situations where they would not normally allow things, I've ASKED and I got, as an exception. It's been awesome. God has given me great favor with a lot of people.

A number of people recommended bankruptcy, but I felt that God did not want that route for me, that He wanted to show me that as I submit to His authority that He will make good on everything. Is bankruptcy wrong? I do not believe so, but I think as a Christian even if you have to file bankruptcy, that you are still obligated to pay back all the debts, no matter how long it takes. Legally you do not have to, but I believe God would want us to and He would honor that.

It can be a great challenge to keep focused on the Lord and not go into some self-pity party (which I have often), but I keep being reminded who I am in Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and whether I make money today or not, it's really inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. God knows my needs, I've asked Him, and I just need to daily submit all of me and He'll make things happen.

I continue to thank God for setting before my path to allow me to trade. It is such a privilege that despite being in not a great financial situation, that I do have money to trade with, that I am making money, that I get to live the life I want to be the mommy I want, and the greatest thing is, that I get to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that He calls me worthy.

God is so good. I am humbled. I am grateful. I get to work from my home, own my own time (actually, it's all God's, but He allows me to manage it)!!!

I've gone off on so many tangents, but I just wanted to share some of my heart in what it means for me to be able to trade, to be able to be here for my children, to have freedom with my time. I believe also a part of all that I've gone through is to help and encourage others in their journey, no matter how challenging it may be. And, to also use wisdom in what I'm doing, to be creative and resourceful. Our God is such a creative God.

Even if the guy that becomes President that I do not want, I believe it will just mean more opportunities for me to be creative to learn how to be more resourceful legally. One of the things of businesses is that they are taxed AFTER expenses. Maybe I'll just have to find more legal expenese.

However, I believe too much government intervention in our lives lead to countries like China and other tyrannical forms of government.
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