Quick Analysis of RIMM

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Note, this is a very quick analysis of RIMM. There is a lot to see with this chart but do not have time to post a video of a complete analysis. I'm only sharing what I see and by no means making any recommendation to trade or not trade RIMM. Do so at your own risk.
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  1. Doris, I love the analysis. Nice to see your thinking on things. But even more, I love the calm and relaxing way you do it. Never heard a trader talk in such a calming way. That's awesome.
    Kind of reminds me of the Bob Ross painting show. Ever see that?
    "Let's just paint a happy little tree over here. Give this guy a buddy so he's not lonely here by the lake."
    I LOVE that show! :)



  2. Doris V Says:

    Hi Matt,

    That was just a quick & easy analysis. There are other things I see and could go much more in depth, so please take note of that. Plus, I've literally either with my own money or in practice trades have done tens of thousands of trades and have gone through hundreds of charts.

    After awhile, there are probably things I see intuitively and process that I don't even realize.

    Yes, I'm familiar with Bob Ross and what you wrote made me laugh. In fact, someone within the past few weeks recently mentioned him to me with regards to something else. Strange that you should mention his name, too.

    I wonder if he has a son who is single, a Christian, an entrepreneur and near my age. LOL. j/k.

    I'm definitely not the Jim Cramer type -- yelling at everything and everyone. I'm not always so calm. You haven't heard me when I'm upset or when my kids have gotten themselves into trouble. No calmness there.

    But, yes, in my trading, when I'm trading whether practice or funded, I'm very calm. If I cannot be, then I don't trade.

    It helps to go workout, take yoga classes, meditation, read my Bible, pray, etc.


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