Democrats Financial Foresight? Uh Huh

  • How The Democrats Created This Financial Crisis
  • I thought this was interesting read. It's fairly clear hopefully who I support and it's for a number of reasons. But, for the purposes of this blog, I'll just stick with how whom is in office will impact the bottom line for my trading.

    There has to be a way to fund all those socialistic programs and as a capitalist, I am not for a socialistic way of government. Socialist governments are never world powers and I do believe in a strong military, which is not another strong trait of a socialist government.

    I do not care for our country to be dominated by other countries whom do not believe in the freedoms that we do. I think this country is headed towards a very treacherous rode. Yes, healthcare should be more affordable, but at the same time, people should be more informed about their own health, the foods they eat, take responsibility for their own stuff instead of placing everything on the government.

    For such an industrialized nation, we have very high rates of cancer and other health problems third world countries do not. Not saying we should be a third world country, because they face other problems, but I do think our country is digging it's own grave, to some extent.

    Anyway, taxation is a big thing. There may be many things Bush may not have done right, but we have gotten some tax relief during his administration, inspite of what is said about the Iraq war. Right now I'm not making oodles of money in my trading for this to be a huge thing, but I do anticipate in the near future that I will be doing much better and I really don't want all these years of learning, hard work being forcibly made to support things in the government I morally and ethically am opposed to and then see my money squandered.

    The government, in general, does not want people being empowered in their own health, their own intelligence, and want to keep people stuck, believing their lies. Oh....oops, on the soapbox again. Well, I lost my point. You know who I'm voting for and why, partially.

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