I found some free software that will allow me to make videos of my desktop, however, I'm thinking the 3 min. video file was too long as it was 121 MB in an .avi format. I know if it was in .wmv format, that would be a lot smaller. So, now I need to find software that will do the conversion -- it would be nice for free, too. I'm not sure if I can save the .avi file as a .wmv file or not. Will have to check into that.

As a commitment to myself, as I'm reading "The Courage To Be Rich" by Suze Orman, she talks about financial clutter and how that hinders us from being financially successful. I would have to admit, I'm not very organized financially or even in most areas of my life. This is not a good thing.

There was a time I was very organized, but that was pre-children and pre-marriage, when all I had to deal with was myself and I had no real financial obligation other than to pay for college, which it was mostly paid for anyway.

Could I go purchase the software for $30-100? Yes. But, then I would have more stuff. $30 here, $30 there, it all adds up. So, if anyone has any freeware that can do what I need, let me know. If you own software and want to give it to me, I'm not interested if you had to pay money for it because I do not want to violate any copyright or do anything illegal. Thanks anyway.

It would be great to show some of my trading in a video.
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  1. TEBITBY Says:

    I don't have software, but I use the free version of Camstudio to record my videos and then I host them at once you upload them to Blip you can put an embedded player in your blog. All of my videos play in Windows Media player if I click on them from my hard drive. This may be a temporary solution.

    Also, you made a comment that people don't comment much on your blog I believe that may because you have your comments set up so that only google users can comment. I assume this is on purpose, but these are just my observations.

    Later, PW

  2. Doris Says:

    Thanks PW. I signed up for an account with Blip. I decided to try out 1 video that I did from CamStudio and see if it works.

    I changed the setting of comments to Registered users, not just those with Google accounts.

    Thanks for the information.


  3. TEBITBY Says:

    Thanks I am honored to be able to help and glad to see you changed the comment section. If you find a solution to the large file size problem let me know because as of now I am storing my video files on a seperate hard drive(I took it out of a broke computer). Storing them on my main computer will eventually slow my PC down and it takes forever to upload.

    To Your Success, PW

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