Receiving Words

Hopefully I didn't write about this before, but if I did, please forgive me for being redundant. One of the things I've been experiencing is that I received some words from a good trader regarding something I did in my trading on a handful of occasions. He said what I did was impossible, that no trader has ever done it. He even went to tell me that he talked with one of his broker friends and he said in his 35 yrs of being a broker, he's never seen anyone do what I did.

Granted, this was done in a practice, real time account. I made between $4-5K in one trading day on the ES several times with one contract. 1K = 20 points on the ES or 80 ticks. Yes, that would be 80-100 points on the ES in one day. Can that be done every day? No, but on many days, it could be if you had the right strategy and sat at the computer literally all day. That's basically what I did on those days.

Anyway, even after he told me it couldn't be done, the next day I did it, made just over $4K. He basically called me a liar without saying that I lied. He is one of the top 2 traders that I highly regard. So, I took what he said to heart and ever since then, I haven't even come close to another $4K day. I'll get up to $1K, maybe even $2K, but not past that.

See, when I didn't "know" it was "impossible" to get that amount, I was able to because there were no self-limitations. But, once I RECEIVED his words, it became a part of me and I was no longer able to do it.

Whether you think you can or can't, you're right.

Here are some of my mistakes --

1. I put this trader on a pedestal. I should know better because he had to share with me that some people regard him as a god in trading, which is totally blasphemous. He's not God.

2. I received his words and they became my words. When I did this, those words became living in me and have hindered me from trading well. All of a sudden, trading became more challenging.

Word of caution --

1. Do not put people on a pedestal. They are human and can fail/disappoint us. Some people will resonate with us more than others, and that is fine. Keep things in perspective. Keep learning.

2. Receive words that benefit you, that can help you grow, become better. So what if your dream sounds outlandish. If there is a will, there is most likely a way. No one has the right to tell you you can't.

3. Reject words, attitudes and people who cannot help you become better. Let those things just flow right past you.

4. Just because someone you may deem as better or a guru at something does not mean that you cannot excel beyond them.

I'll share some of how I trade and if you're able to take some of my strategies or whatever, fine tune them to really make them work for you, then, at the least, I expect you to share back with me so I can become better. It is no skin off my back, nor does it threaten me if someone who starts off lesser than me and becomes greater. It would be an honor to know that I had something to do with their success, and I gladly celebrate it with them.

So, now I'm working to figure out how to get those words/attitudes from this trader out of my mind and body.
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