Outside Help

Many of us will find that we need outside help with becoming successful. Here are some of mine:
  • Bible - great source of wisdom, tells me who God is, who created abundance and provides
  • My church - giving me spiritual support/helping me to remain in community
  • My kids - help me remember what makes me a good trader and why I trade
  • EMDR therapist - helps me identify psychological issues and get them physically and mentally/emotionally out of my system
  • Housekeeper - Keeps my home cleaned, so I can spend those precious hrs with my kids
  • Gardener - Keeps my yards looking wonderful, so my children and I can enjoy our time together
  • Accountant - Keeps up on tax laws, so I don't have to
  • Massage Therapist - helps loosens tight muscles, detoxes
  • Chiropractor - keeps my body free from subluxations (lots of sitting is hard on the body)
  • Small Yoga Classes - helps me to learn to focus, meditate, and increases flexibility, circulation
  • Dance Classes - to help me to not take everything so seriously and have fun
  • Cycling/Swimming/Walking/Running Trainer - Get the blood pumping, heart working
  • Weightlifting Accountability Partner - to strengthen my muscles
  • Personal Organizer - Helps me keep my paperwork organized, bills on track (most recently added)
  • Trading Coach - as needed, to refine my trading

These are all things I pay for on a weekly, bi-weekly basis or as needed. Could I forego or do most of this myself? Yes. However, time is money and it is stressful to heap all these things on you. One has to weigh the cost and the benefit. All these things are beneficial, as they help me in some aspect of trading. Can everyone afford all these things?

Remember what I said in my prior blog entry? Whether you think you can, or can't, you're right.

To some extent, we all create our own realities. I'm not into any New Age philosophy, but if you think you're a loser for a long enough period of time, then you'll make a lot of decisions that losers make. That's your reality. But, if you think you're a Champion Trader who is in it for the long haul, then you'll also step into that role and do that that type of trader does. It won't happen overnight, but little by little, you begin to take on those characteristics of a Champion Trader.

Don't say you can't, or you can't afford. Be careful about the words you say to yourself, speak, think. And, be careful about the questions you ask yourself. A better question could be - "How will I be able to afford to pay for . . . ?" Your mind will actively begin to think of ways to answer that question -- "Start appropriately setting your stops." "Write a detailed trading plan." "Get rid of clutter in your office and organize it." "Eliminate toxic friends."

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