The Life I Want

I'll have to admit, I'm a workaholic. But, as I continue to adjust to being a single parent, I'm learning a great deal. My trading coach told me to live the life I have dreamed. My dream has been to have the family I want, to have freedom with my time. There are other parts to this dream, but I'm a very relational person.

What have I been doing the past 3 weeks since my last post. Every day I've traded, but never for full days. I've incorporated during trading hours to workout every day for 1-2 hrs at the gym or at the yoga studio. It's in my planner.

I've figured that I do not need to trade the whole 6.5 hrs of the market. Most of the time, I can make what I need and more within the first hr of trading, often within the first half hour.

I realized that my organizational skills with administration are very lacking, so I finally hired a person to come help me organize all my paperwork, bills, etc.

Since focus, being calm, relaxed really helps me in my trading, I hired a psycho therapist to help me deal with my divorce, as well as help me in my trading, to deal with any negative emotions conscious or subconscious that could hinder my life and trading.

I've started back at weekly deep tissue massages to help me further relax. Been consistent with yoga classes, and when my gym canceled the classes I needed, I went out to find a yoga studio that does the classes I need at the times I need.

My divorce really wreaked a lot of emotional havoc, and I didn't realize that there were many broken parts of me that needed healing. It's like all these years I perpetuated unsafe, unhealthy behaviors and communication, which resulted in many bad things happening to me.

It really will take time to rebuild my accounts. Not sure how long. Something I decided last week was that I realized time with my children is so short. What good would it be to amass millions and sacrifice my time with them? So, I've decided I'm not going to do that. If I can amass a lot of money without sacrificing my time with my kids, I will, otherwise, paying the bills, becoming debt free, rebuilding my accounts, providing, will be enough.

As I become emotionally stable and continue to develop my skills, trade well with a little money and begin to build my accounts, I will be able to be sharper, less hindered to make more money quicker regardless of what is happening. It's really about developing resiliency. My skills are more than enough to make me a multi-millionaire. What hinders me is my emotional state.

Stress has been a huge thing for me, and it's now doing things to reduce my stress load. I'm learning and getting help where I cannot do things, or maybe I can do things, but it's to free up time.

I've also incorporated things like LAUGH DAILY into my goals, as laughing releases hormones to help me feel better, be healthier. I got an accountability partner for my eating and exercise.

Consistency is so important. As I learn to consistently deal with conflicts in a calm, cool, collected manner, appropriately dealing with things, not allowing things to fester, my trading will get better, and it is getting better.

Take care of first things first, and that's what I'm doing.
2 Responses
  1. BRAVA to you! So well written and clearly and calmly thought out. You're obviously on the right path. An inspiration!

  2. Doris Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Matthew.

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